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A glass of Japanese plum wine.
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Japanese plum wine, or umeshu, is made by soaking Japanese plums in a liquor such as shochu -- a Japanese distilled spirit comparable to vodka. It is almost syrupy in its sweetness, and often consumed with soda or on the rocks.


One 4-oz. glass of Japanese plum wine contains 163 calories. Drinking it on the rocks or with club soda does not change the calorie count -- both methods simply add a form of water to the beverage -- unless the amount of wine is reduced to make room for ice or water.

Other Nutrients

A 4-oz. serving of Japanese plum wine contains 0 g fat; 0 mg cholesterol; 0 g protein and 20 g carbohydrates including 20 g sugars.


In one glass of Japanese plum wine you'll get 6 to 9 percent of a day's carbohydrates, as defined by for a 2,000-calorie diet. The clinic recommends that added sugars be kept to a minimum.

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