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A wine spritzer is often served chilled.

A wine spritzer is a refreshing summer drink usually made with white wine and club soda or lemonade. Although alcohol contains one of the largest calorie counts of any liquid, a wine spritzer is considered a low calorie alcoholic drink.

Total Calories

A basic white wine spritzer is made with about 2 oz. of club soda and 4 oz. of white table wine. This equals around 96 calories in total. However, measures and recipes may vary.

Ingredient Calories

Club soda contains zero calories, according to the USDA's MyFood-a-pedia website. Using a 2 oz. of lemonade in place of club soda adds 25 calories, so a spritzer made with wine and lemonade contains about 121 calories.


Wines vary in calorie content. For example, late harvest white wine may contain up to 139 calories in a 4-oz. serving. Some people make spritzers with red wine, or include fruit juices or slices of fresh fruit. Red wine contains around 100 calories per 4-oz. serving. Fruit juice calories vary according to the type of fruit; however, 4 oz. of grape juice has about 39 calories.

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