How to Remove an Exercise Ball Plug

Regularly check your exercise ball to see when it might need more air.
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An exercise ball is a great tool for any home gym and can even be used in an office as a chair. The exercise ball plug remover tool is used to pull out the stopper that sits securely within the ball's single air hole. Knowing how to correctly remove the stopper using an exercise ball plug puller is essential in maintaining the exercise ball.



Regularly check your exercise ball to see when it might need more air. When using the ball, notice if it looks smaller, if you are sitting lower or if it feels soft. You can also measure the circumference of your exercise ball to see if it needs more air.

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Boost Benefits With a Ball

Adding an exercise ball as an accessory to a workout has several benefits, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Including an exercise ball at the gym or at home can help improve balance, enhance and increase mobility and stability within the joints. This, in turn, can help decrease the risk of injury.

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Other than the workout purposes, sitting on an exercise ball allows for more freedom of movement than a traditional desk chair. Sitting for long intervals of time can lead to aches and pains in the back, as well as feeling tight muscles throughout the body. Swapping your seat by replacing a standard chair with an exercise ball may reduce back pain and help improve posture.

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Exercise Ball Plug Puller Do's

If you notice your exercise ball feeling or looking deflated, you can measure its circumference (it likely had its appropriate circumference marked on the box or even on the ball itself) to check if it needs to be inflated. When it comes time to add more air to your exercise ball, find where the stopper that prevents air from escaping is located. To minimize the risk of damaging the ball, gently slide the exercise ball plug puller tool around the edge of the stopper to remove it without scratching the ball's surface.


As you remove the stopper, air will immediately start coming out. Quickly insert the nozzle of the air pump to refill the ball. Once you achieved the desired firmness, remove the pump nozzle and immediately insert the plug back.

Workout Using an Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are a great tool for many types of workouts. The Mayo Clinic recommends performing core-strength activities on a fitness ball to improve strength in the core muscles. Use a fitness ball sized so that when you sit on the ball with your feet flat on the floor, your knees are at a right angle. Maintain correct alignment and technique as you move through each repetition of any activity.


There are also full body workouts that can be done utilizing the air pressure of an exercise ball. The American Council on Exercise explains that maintaining the proper pressure of the ball is important when it comes to a challenging workout. The exercise will be more difficult with a firm ball, while a softer ball can be used for a less challenging workout routine. Consider your unique fitness goals when deciding on the air pressure of the ball. Those just beginning a workout routine or with other health issues may want to try using a softer ball that is on the larger size.

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