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If you're drinking kosher wine to help celebrate a holiday, you may wonder how many calories you're imbibing in the sweet beverage. Mogen David Concord grape wine contains more calories than white wine but no more than some red vintages.


Mogen David Concord grape wine contains 200 calories per 8-oz. glass. The kosher table wine, which a "San Francisco Chronicle" reviewer says tastes and smells like grape candy, contains 40 more calories per serving than its better-selling competitor, Manischewitz Concord grape table wine.

Calorie Comparisons

Mogen David Concord grape is a table wine, served in larger quantities than most drinking wines. The sugar content in Concord grapes gives it a higher calorie count than some other wines. While Mogen David Concord grape weighs in at 25 calories per ounce, a generic glass of white wine contains 19.2 calories per ounce. But generic red wine contains similar amounts of calories.

Health Benefits

You get some health benefits along with the calories in Mogen David Concord grape wine. Concord grapes rank near blueberries, blackberries and cranberries for their level of antioxidants that protect against heart disease and cancer. Some 80 percent of the antioxidants in Concord grapes lie in its skin and seeds, and Concord grape wine is made by mashing the skins and seeds along with the fruit.

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