How Many Squats Must You Do for a Great Butt?

There is no set number of squats that you should do, it all depends on effort.
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Squats are among the best exercises you can do to get a great butt. They target all of the gluteal muscles and work your legs as well. However, getting a great butt with squats is not about how many you do.


It's the frequency and intensity of the exercise that matters. If you follow some sound principles, you can see a significant change in your butt in approximately 12 weeks.

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There's no set number of squats for achieving a great butt. Adjust your repetitions based on the amount of weight lifted — higher reps with lighter weight and vice versa.

Play With Intensity

You have two types of muscle fibers: fast twitch for power and slow twitch for endurance. You must target both muscle fibers if you want to see a visible difference in the shape of your butt.

Do a minimum of three sets per exercise and vary the number of reps from five to 15. Use heavier weights for shorter sets and lighter weights for longer sets. The best way to tell that you're using the correct weight is to set it so you can barely finish the set. You should fail on the last rep and your muscles should feel exhausted.

Squat variations to include:


  • Back squats
  • Goblet squats
  • Sumo squats

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Watch Your Frequency

Your workout frequency is another important factor for getting the results you desire. Perform squats two times per week at a high level of intensity to see significant changes. Leave 48 to 72 hours between these squat workout days. The consistent use of your butt muscles will build larger, stronger and firmer muscles.


Lean on a Wall

To put more emphasis on your butt muscles try this wall squat variation. Place a stability ball against a wall and lean on it with your back. The ball should be level with your lower back.

Walk your feet forward and bring your legs together. Bend your knees until your upper legs are horizontal to the floor, as when you are sitting in a chair. The ball will roll up your back. You can hold dumbbells in your hands for added resistance. This can also be done on a Smith press.


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Safety and Tips

Always check with your doctor before starting a workout program. Warm up your muscles by doing 20 squats with a lighter weight before working with heavier weights. Stretch statically after exercise when your muscles are warm.


Remember important form tips when squatting. Pull your naval into your spine during the squat to protect your lower back, and never ignore knee pain. Sit back, as if you are trying to sit in a chair to help keep your knees behind your toes. Stop immediately if you feel pain in your joints or sharp pains anywhere.

A healthy eating plan is just as crucial as exercise and is key to getting the results you want.



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