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Simple exercises from a chair can help reduce the risk of injury.
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Being a senior citizen doesn't mean you have to go to the gym and jump on the treadmill to get some exercise. Simple exercises in a chair can help give you increased flexibility, tone your muscles and elevate your heart rate. Make sure to find a sturdy chair to perform exercises in to ensure your safety.

Ball Squeeze

The ball squeeze is a simple exercise that will help strengthen the muscles in your inner thighs and requires the use of a small fitness ball. You could also use a standard soccer ball or other similar, flexible ball. Sit in your chair with your feet flat on the floor and your back straight. Place the ball between your knees. Squeeze the ball as tight as you can in between your knees using only your leg muscles. Hold the squeeze for 10 to 15 seconds and then relax. Repeat two to three times as part of your chair exercise routine.

Knee-to-Chest Exercise

The knee-to-chest exercise helps stretch out your lower back and leg muscles without having to get on the floor. Sit in your chair with your back straight and both feet flat on the floor. Lift up your right leg, keeping your knee bent. Grab your right knee with both hands and pull it up to your chest. You may need to lift your left foot slightly off the floor. Pull your right knee as close to your chest as possible while keeping your back straight. You should feel a stretch in your lower back and upper leg. Hold this stretch for 10 to 15 seconds and then relax and repeat with your left leg.

Sitting Twists

Sitting twists help build and stretch the muscles in your back. Use a medicine ball or other similar object to help add resistance. Sit in your chair with your back straight and feet flat on the floor. Hold the medicine ball out in front of you with both hands and your arms straight. Keep your head aligned with your body and twist your entire upper body and arms to the right as far as you can, keeping the ball out in front of you. Hold for one count, then turn back so your body and arms are facing forward. Twist again, this time to the left, and hold for one count. Do five to 10 repetitions for each side and then rest.

Chair Stands

Chair stands help you develop your leg muscles while having the support of a chair to reduce your risk of injury. Sit in your chair with your feet flat on the floor, your back straight and your hands in your lap. Use your leg muscles to lift your body out of your chair. Extend your arms out in front of you for balance. Avoid using your hands to help lift yourself out of the chair. Stand straight up and then slowly lower yourself back down into your chair. Repeat 10 to 15 times as part of your chair exercise routine.

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