How to Use Psyllium Husk as Colon Cleanse

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Psyllium, a bulk-forming laxative, is a natural element that is rich in soluble fiber. A widely used colon cleanser, psylluim husks are purported to help rid the colon of excess waste that can build up and cause health complications. Little evidence exists to support the benefits of colon cleansing, however. If your doctor has not prescribed colon cleansing as a preparation step before surgery, it is likely unnecessary. Talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks before proceeding.


Step 1

Choose a form of psyllium husk. Look for over-the-counter products that contain the natural fiber psyllium husk, which is extracted from the seeds of the psylluim plant. Powders, granules, capsules, liquids and wafers are examples of oral psyllium husk products that you'll generally use one to three times daily.

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Step 2

Follow the product's directions exactly, or as directed by your doctor. Once you have established an appropriate dosage, consume your psyllium husk product between meals rather than immediately before or after meals, which might interfere with digestion.


Step 3

Drink plenty of water, at least eight cups daily. This is especially important when attempting to clean your colon because the process can lead to dehydration. Drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated and help move waste through your body. In addition, water consumption is essential to prevent side effects when cleaning the colon with psylluim husk powders, granules or wafers.

Step 4

Eat a well-balanced diet and avoid processed foods. Sugary snacks, bakery items, chips and fast-food meals are poor food choices that can hinder digestion and the colon-cleansing process. Instead, fill your plate with wholesome foods, such as leafy greens, lean meats and whole-wheat, high-fiber breads and pasta.


Step 5

Exercise during the process. Take a brisk walk, play a game of tennis, ride a bicycle or perform a moderate amount of gardening. Whichever exercise you choose, do it for at least 30 minutes daily to support digestion and boost your colon-cleansing efforts.


Don't use any psylluim husk product for longer than a week, unless directed by your doctor.




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