Bowflex Xtreme Exercise Chart

The Xtreme owner's manual has charts for 18 different arm exercises.

The Bowflex Xtreme home gym is designed to provide a full-body workout and offers more than 65 exercises. The Xtreme owner's manual provides detailed information on the many exercises that can be performed on the home gym. Each exercise is clearly charted with tips and illustrations to help you perform the exercise properly.


Chest Exercises

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The owner's manual for the Bowflex Xtreme has illustrations and detailed information on how to perform the bench press, chest fly, decline bench press and incline bench press. The charts that accompany each chest exercise, as well as every other body part exercise, describe which muscles are worked, how to position yourself on the Xtreme, the type of accessories you need, such as hand grips, and key points to remember while doing the exercise. The chart walks you through how to start each exercise and the action you perform during the exercise.

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Shoulder Exercises

The manual provides informational charts for 15 different shoulder exercises. Crossover exercises include the reverse fly, rear deltoid rows and high rear deltoid rows. Other shoulder exercises include lateral shoulder raise, front shoulder raise, shoulder rotator cuff, both internal and external, shoulder extension and shrug, and scapular protraction, depression and retraction.


Back Exercises

The Bowflex Xtreme is designed for 14 different back exercises. The manual outlines how to perform standing shoulder pullovers and narrow pull-downs with a bent lat bar, as well as with hand grips, bent-over rows and crossover bent-over rows, seated lat rows and crossover seated lat rows, standing low back extensions, reverse grip pull-downs, wide and narrow pull-downs with hand grips, seated lat pull-downs and seated wide lat pull-downs.


Arm Exercises

As many as 18 arm exercises can be performed with the Bowflex Xtreme. They include a variety of triceps push-downs and triceps extensions that require accessories such as hand grips and a bent lat bar. Other arm exercises that the manual outlines include resisted dips, concentration bicep curls, reverse curls, barbell bicep curls, bicep hammer curls, and wrist extensions and curls.


Abdominal Exercises

The Bowflex Xtreme is capable of only three abdominal exercises. The manual provides charts on trunk rotations, seated oblique abdominal crunches and seated abdominal crunches. Both crunch exercises can be enhanced through added resistance provided by the Xtreme.

Leg Exercises

Eleven different leg exercises can be performed on the Bowflex Extreme that target every major leg muscle group. Exercises that are outlined in the manual include leg extensions, squats, standing hip extensions, leg kickbacks, calf raises, dead lifts, stiff-leg dead lifts, standing hip adductions and standing hip abductions.




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