Causes of a Knocking Noise in an Exercise Bike

If you hear a knocking noise while peddling it could be a broken part.
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If your Spin bike makes a clicking noise as you're riding it, this might be an indication that something inside the machine is broken. Rather than fixing it yourself, you might want to contact a professional, who can fix your bike quickly so you can resume your workout routine.



A knocking noise in your bike may be caused by a piece of broken equipment rattling in the wheel. Consider calling a professional to identify the cause and fix the machine.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are growing in popularity thanks to trendy group exercise classes that use Spin bikes and other types of stationary bikes that you can ride in the comfort of your own home. There are different kinds of bikes to choose from, depending on your budget and preferences.

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You can purchase an exercise bike that has few bells and whistles, with just a seat and some pedals with adjustable resistance. Bikes range from stripped-down models to highly computerized Spin bikes that measure things like power, calories burned and heart rate.

Recumbent bikes have comfortable seats that let you lie back while you pedal. On this style of bike, the pedals are slightly out in front of the seat to make it more comfortable to lean back. You'll find this style of bike in rehab settings, where people can't sit on a regular bike seat and need some support.

Upright exercise bikes are built more like regular road bikes, with the seat stacked on top of the pedals. Some brands offer straps for cycling shoes, which allows you to clip on to the bike. With your foot attached to the pedal, it's easier to generate power without slipping off the pedal.


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Health Benefits of Cycling

Using an exercise bike can help you keep fit, stay healthy and strengthen your leg muscles. This cardio machine is extremely convenient because you don't need to leave the house to use it. If you're injured and need to avoid high-impact exercises, such as running, the bike will help you stay in shape without hurting your joints.


Harvard Health Publishing explains that there are many benefits of cycling, including low impact on your joints. Cycling also builds up your muscles and bones. Pedaling gives you an aerobic workout to help you get in shape.

Another article from Harvard Health Publishing explains that riding an exercise bike benefits cardiovascular health. Over time, it may decrease your blood pressure, help relieve stress, improve your endurance and boost your heart health.



A small study involving 12 healthy college students published in the July 2017 issue of Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking found that the participants benefited physically and mentally from riding an exercise bike. Researchers compared virtual reality bikes with regular bikes. The subjects' mood improved after using a virtual reality bike, which means that its benefits may extend beyond fitness.

The study was conducted on virtual reality bikes with interactive courses the participants could ride through. Exercise was more enjoyable overall and seemed easier when using virtual reality.


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Exercise Bike Clicking Noise

If you've spent the money to buy a bike for at-home exercises, you should try to maintain it as much as possible. Broken bikes can be costly and time consuming to repair. Peloton, a popular brand of exercise bikes, recommends a quick maintenance routine following your workouts.


First, you should wipe down your bike and its screen after exercise to remove any sweat and germs. Do not use soap and water. Instead, opt for disinfecting wipes. Peloton also recommends tightening the seat, pedals and clamps once a month.

If you hear a clicking noise as you pedal your bike, something may have broken off in the wheel, or perhaps one of the pedals is rattling around. If that's the case, you should contact a maintenance service provided by your bike manufacturer. For example, if your Peloton bike is making a knocking sound while it's in use, you can submit a maintenance request on Peloton's website.


Some companies specialize in bike repair, even though they don't manufacture bikes. For example, Sears Home Services can send someone to your home to repair your bike. This is a good option if the manufacturer of your bike doesn't provide repair services.

Some companies, such as Schwinn, offer replacement parts that you can use to fix your bike yourself. If you feel competent enough to do your own repairs, this can be a less expensive option.




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