Which Is Better for Losing Weight: White Wine or Red Wine?

A woman drinks a glass of red wine.
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In recent years, news stories from the "Los Angeles Times," CBS News and the "New York Daily News" reported that drinking a moderate amount of wine daily might help prevent you from gaining weight. This is not the same as saying that wine actually will help you lose weight. In fact, no available studies show that either red or white wine will facilitate losing weight.

Resveratrol in Red Wine

Red wine contains a substance called resveratrol. According to MayoClinic.com, in lab tests with mice, high amounts of resveratrol enabled the mice to exercise longer and more rigorously. As a result, the mice were able to lose weight more rapidly. However, the study concluded that in order to replicate this effect in humans, you would need to be drink a massive amount of red wine. Since drinking red wine in excess is not beneficial to your health or weight loss, the study concluded that the calories and health hazards associated with the excess red wine consumption would defeat resveratrol's weight loss properties.


Wine, Calories and Your Metabolism

Both red and white wine contain calories, so many people think that you will automatically gain weight by drinking wine. However, according to a study conducted by Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, this is not always the case. The study concludes that women who drink a moderate amount of wine on a regular basis might covert the calories from the alcohol to heat instead of to fat. This might make wine a better choice than other options such as a fattening appetizer. The study also found that wine was a better alcoholic choice than beer or hard liquor.


Special Benefits for Women

The study conducted by Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston concluded that women who drink moderate amounts of wine, defined as one to two glasses per day, were far more likely to maintain healthy weights as they aged, rather than gaining extra weight. The study also found that while white wine shows some benefit in preventing weight gain, red wine was more successful at it.

The Verdict

Studies continue to show that for health purposes, red wine is a better choice. While no studies prove that either red or white wine will help you lose weight, red wine might help to prevent weight gain more than white wine. Current studies apply only to women, so for men, the long-term weight gain effect of drinking a moderate amount of wine is uncertain.