How to Stretch Sore Biceps

Your biceps muscle is located on the front of your upper arm and runs from your elbow to your shoulder. Performing exercises that require arm flexion, where you bring your forearm toward your upper arm, requires the biceps muscle to work to produce movement. When lifting heavy weights, during an exercise like barbell curls, your biceps can become extremely fatigued, leading to soreness the next day. Stretching your biceps will help you recover from your workout faster and keeps the muscles from getting tight, which would limit your ability to move your arms through a full range of motion.

Step 1

Stand next to a wall so that the right side of your body is facing the wall. You should be slightly closer than an arm's length away from the wall.

Step 2

Place your right hand on the wall so that your shoulder, elbow and wrist form a straight line. Your hand should be flat against the wall with your fingertips pointing toward the ceiling.

Step 3

Turn your right hand 90 degrees clockwise.

Step 4

Twist to the left by moving your feet and twisting at your hips and chest until you feel the stretch in your right bicep. Twist slowly because the stretch gets very intense with small changes in body positioning.

Step 5

Hold this stretched position for 30 seconds and then relax.

Step 6

Turn your body so that your left side is facing the wall.

Step 7

Place your left hand on the wall so that your arm forms a straight line from your shoulder to your elbow to your wrist. Your hand should be flat on the wall with your fingertips pointing upward.

Step 8

Turn your left hand 90 degrees counterclockwise. This is the key difference between stretching the right and left bicep.

Step 9

Twist to the right slowly by turning your feet, hips and chest until you feel a stretch in your left bicep.

Step 10

Hold this position for 30 seconds and then relax.

Step 11

Alternate the stretches back and forth to each side of the body and complete at least four 30-second holds on each side.


For a deeper stretch, perform at least 15 minutes of light aerobic exercise to increase your body temperature. Warm muscles are more pliable than cold muscles.


Do not bounce while you hold the stretch. The movement into the stretch should be smooth, or you risk injury, such as a strain, to your biceps.

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