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Muscle Health

What Causes Muscle Loss?

There are many causes for the deterioration of muscles. Muscle wasting, or atrophy, occurs in two basic forms: disuse atrophy in w...

Thera-putty Hand Exercises

Theraputty is a silicone material that can be used for a variety of hand exercises. This material is available in color-coded, gra...

What Are the Causes of Leg Spasms?

Leg spasms, also known as muscle cramps, are involuntary muscle contractions that fail to release, states the American Academy of ...

Can Certain Vitamins Help Tight Muscles?

Muscle tightness is caused by short, involuntary contractions of the muscles typically due to exercise. Vitamins work together wit...

What Causes Red Blotches on Legs?

A variety of conditions can cause red blotches to develop on the legs. Because of the many different disorders that may lead to th...

How to Stretch the Arch of the Foot for Pronation

Over-pronation or flat feet is the leading cause of plantar fasciitis, according to This over-pronation leads to stretch...

Stretches for the Ulnar Nerve

Ulnar nerve pain can make it difficult to do the simplest activities. Pain in the hand and fingers can make life pretty unpleasant...

Dynamic Stretches for Calves

Dynamic stretches differ from the norm in that they stretch the body through movement. Instead of putting your body into a stretch...

What Are Hurdle Stretches?

Hurdle stretches have been used by sports teams and physical education teachers for years to stretch the hamstring muscle. However...

How to Stretch Ligaments & Tendons

Stretching your ligaments and tendons is a good idea for expanding your overall flexibility. However, since your ligaments and ten...
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