What Are the Causes of Rapid Weight Loss in Women?

A loss of appetite may be due to:

Chronic digestive system problems that decrease the amount of calories and nutrients your body absorbs, including:

Diarrhea and other infections that last a long time, such as parasites Chronic swelling or infection in the pancreas Removal of part of the small intestine Overuse of laxatives Other causes such as:

intentional vs unintentional definition of rapid

safe 1-2 lbs per week

Hormone Disorders

Diabetes that have not been diagnosed Overactive thyroid gland

Chronic Illness

diabetes, COPD or Parkinson disease infections such as HIV


Drugs, including chemotherapy drugs, and thyroid medications Drug abuse such as amphetamines and cocaine appetite suppressants laxatives

Psychiatric Disorders

Feeling depressed Stress or anxiety Eating disorders, anorexia nervosa that have not been diagnosed yet


bariatric small bowel

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