How to Convert Pedometer Steps to Kilometers

Use a calculator to convert your pedometer steps to kilometers.
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Your pedometer is a helpful tool for increasing your physical activity. Wearing your pedometer daily will motivate you to increase the number of steps you take. You may find yourself parking further away from the entrance to stores in order to reach your daily steps goal. The more steps you take, the more changes you will feel in your body. Your cardiovascular system will improve as it pumps blood more efficiently throughout your body and that will make each step easier. Your pedometer counts each step and displays your result numerically. Since the results are numeric, tracking your steps in miles or kilometers is simple.


Step 1

Put your pedometer on your waist band before you take your first step of the day. Wear the pedometer throughout the day.

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Step 2

Look at your pedometer at the end of the day. Write down your total number of steps.

Step 3

Divide your total number of steps by 1,320 to determine the number of kilometers you walked during the day.

Things You'll Need

  • Pedometer

  • Calculator


You can also convert miles to kilometers. Approximately 2,000 steps equals one mile. One mile equals 1.60934 km. At the end of the day determine how many miles you have walked by dividing your total steps by the number 2,000. Then, multiply that number by 1.60934. The result equals the number of kilometers you walked.


Dividing your steps by 1,320 gives you a good estimate of distance if your stride length is average -- about 76 cm. If your stride is much longer or shorter than average, try measuring the distance you travel in 10 steps in centimeters, then divide that number by 10. Multiply your total number of steps for the day by the result, then divide by 100,000 to estimate the number of kilometers you walked.

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