How to Practice Jujitsu at Home

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Practicing jujitsu can build strength and endurance. (Image: master1305/iStock/Getty Images)

If you want to practice jujitsu at home and don’t have a partner or much space, many techniques exist that you can practice in your living room. Performing jujitsu at home will help you build strength and increase balance, endurance, coordination and muscle memory in preparation for practicing with a partner.

Four-Corner Stroke

Part of jujitsu is knowing how to ground fight, or grapple. The Four-Corner Stroke will build your speed and agility on the ground while strengthening your entire body, especially your deltoids, abs, glutes and quadriceps. Bring your weight onto your hands and feet with both in a wide stance. Lift one hand and kick your foot diagonally across from this hand. Place your foot where your hand was and vice versa. Your stomach will flip over and face up. Repeat with the other hand and foot, returning to the starting position. Continue this exercise alternating your hands and feet and switching directions.

Wrestler Switch and Kick-Over

The Wrestler Switch and Kick-Over will improve your grappling and teach you to find the dominant position in relation to your opponent in jujitsu. It will also strengthen your entire body, especially your deltoids, quadriceps and glutes. Bring your weight to your hands and feet, both in a wide stance. Kick one leg diagonally across your body toward your opposite arm. At the same time as you kick, bring your arm to your side body. You should now face the ceiling. Ground down through the foot you kicked through, and bring your other foot over the top into a wide straddle as if you are going to take your opponent's back. Return your hand to the floor. Repeat this exercise alternating your hands and feet and switching directions.

Triangle Leg Lifts

Practice triangle leg lifts to strengthen your core and improve your triangle choke technique in jujitsu. Lie on your back with your head lifted and your arms rooted to the ground. Lift your legs and lower them back to the ground. As you lift your legs and lower them, bring your legs to one side and “triangle” your legs. To triangle your legs, bend both knees and hook one foot under the knee of the opposite leg. Bring your hips and legs back to the floor then quickly lift up switching sides and legs.

Brazilian Dance

The Brazilian Dance is an intense cardio workout that strengthens your arms and abs and builds speed and endurance so that you can respond to your opponent without hesitation in jujitsu. It’s very similar to the Four-Corner Stroke. Bring your weight onto your hands and feet. Place your hands and feet in a wide stance, wider than your shoulders and hips. Your stomach and head should face down. Lift one hand, and slide your leg diagonally across from your hand. Return to the starting position. Continue the exercise and alternate sides.

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