Are There Certain Foods That Make You Gain Weight in the Butt and Breasts?

While it would be nice to eat your way to an hourglass figure, no food has the power to give you a bigger butt or breasts. Gaining weight can increase the size of your chest and booty -- but it'll also make you gain weight in other areas, and where you gain weight comes down primarily to genetics. However, healthy foods can help you gain weight and, combined with a targeted exercise program, you can build muscle to help enhance an hourglasslike shape. You can also dress to play up your best assets to give the illusion of a larger butt and breasts.

Foods high in protein support new muscle growth, which can help you get a bigger butt.
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Weight Gain Basics, and the Myth of "Spot Gaining"

To gain weight, you'll need to take in extra calories each day -- between 250 to 500. That extra fuel supports a demanding workout program, provides nutritional support for muscle growth and gives you energy to gain pounds. Those extra calories will allow you to gain up to 1 pound each week -- just fast enough to see noticeable results, but slow enough that a significant part of your weight gain can come from muscle instead of pure fat.

While the extra calories will help you gain both muscle and fat, you can't selectively put on weight in your butt and breasts. You'll likely notice the weight gain all over -- particularly in regions where you tend to store weight naturally. If you're an apple shape, for example, and typically gain weight in your midsection, you'll probably notice that most of that extra weight goes to your stomach and breasts. If you're a pear shape and store weight in your lower body, you'll likely notice most of the extra weight goes to your thighs, hips and butt. So while you can gain weight to increase your butt and breast size, keep in mind that weight gain won't change the overall shape of your body.

Choose Protein-Packed Foods to Gain Weight

While your breasts are made up mostly of fat tissue and will get bigger as you put on fat, eating protein-packed foods is your best bet to build a bigger butt. That's because protein supports muscle growth. Combined with a targeted exercise program, protein will support the growth of your glute muscles, so you can get the perky "bubble butt" you want.

Get your protein intake goal by multiplying your weight by 0.8. If you weigh 140 pounds, for example, you'll need 112 grams of protein; if you weigh 125 pounds, you'll need 100 grams. Meet your goals by starting your day with a protein smoothie, a couple of hard-boiled eggs and a green juice, or an omelet with veggies. Serve a palm-size portion of lean protein -- like tempeh, chicken or fish -- with lunch and dinner, and cook with lentils and beans to boost your protein intake.

Gain Weight With Carbs and Fat

Eating carbs and fats can also help you gain weight, including in your butt and breasts. Building up the muscle in the butt requires tough workouts in the gym, and your muscles will need carbs to power you through each strength and cardio session. Your body stores some of the carbohydrate you eat in the form of glycogen, which serves as an almost-instant source of energy for your active lifestyle. Carb-heavy foods -- like potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice and fruit -- also supply calories to help you meet your daily calorie intake goals.

At a generous 9 calories per gram, dietary fat is important for gaining weight in your butt and breasts. Not only does fat give you the extra calories needed for weight gain, but it also gets burned for energy during your workouts, so it can power you through even the toughest sweat session. Select avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds as healthy fat sources for weight gain.

Getting (or Faking) a Larger Butt and Breasts

While diet alone will allow you to gain weight, you'll see the best results if you combine it with exercise. A tough exercise program allows you to build muscle -- and, because you can choose which exercises you do, and which muscles to target, you can selectively tone the muscles in your hips and butt. Perform goblet squats, side and back lunges, hip thrusts and glute bridges using challenging weights to build up your lower body and grow a bigger butt. Flesh out your routine with pushups, lat pulldowns, rows and planks to tone your midsection and arms, too.

While it might take weeks or months to see significant results from your diet and exercise program, you can dress to emphasize an hourglass figure to notice a difference right away. Visually cinch in your waist with a belt, and use bright colors and prints to play up your breasts and butt. Choose structured clothing -- like pencil skirts and blazers -- to mimic an hourglass shape, and use a bold statement necklace to draw attention to your chest.

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