A Swimming Exercise That Burns Belly Fat

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Potentially all swimming exercises can burn belly fat. Although there is no magical spot-reducing exercise, swimming is a highly aerobic exercise that, if done routinely, can burn body fat. While splashing in the pool, you tend to focus on fun, rather than on the number of calories burned and which muscles are being toned. That extra belly fat has to go. Its presence alone increases your risk of future illness such as diabetes or early cardiovascular disease.


Step 1

Look at your current level of activity and ability. You can gain the fat-burning benefits of the water even if you are a mediocre swimmer; just remember to stay safe. Working out with a partner in the water is a good idea, at least until you know your physical limits.

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Step 2

Complete warm-up exercises as appropriate for your skill level. A warm-up is a vital part of any workout routine, preparing the muscles for activity and increasing blood circulation throughout the body. Beginners may choose to walk through the water of the shallow end for 15 minutes, whereas more advanced athletes may try some pool yoga and light physical activity in the water to get started.


Step 3

Swim for at least 30 minutes daily or as tolerated. Don't worry if you are exhausted at 10 minutes and stop. Slowly increase your exercise sessions over time to maximize your fat-burning potential. You can do the freestyle stroke, breast stroke, butterfly or even doggie paddle around the pool. It's the constant movement of swimming and resistance from the water that burns fat, not the type of exercise you complete.

Step 4

Cool down after your swimming exercise. The cool-down period is vital for muscle recovery and will decrease any lactic acid buildup in your muscles. Revisit your warm-up exercise. Walking around the pool for at least 15 minutes will slowly decrease your heart rate back to your personal baseline.


Pair your swimming with a healthy diet, restricting calories from fat to increase your fat-burning potential.




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