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How to Tie Your Hair in a Tight Bun for Swimming Caps

Swimming caps come in a variety of materials, including Lycra Spandex, latex, and even silicone, and serve a variety of purposes; ...

How to Prepare an Infant for a Swimming Class

Preparation will help make your infant's swim class a positive experience. Determine that he is ready for swimming lessons before...

Lap Swimming for Out-of-Shape Swimmers

Swimming is a low-impact sport enjoyed by people of all ages. The water is soothing to people with sore joints, yet provides resis...

Therapy Dogs Are Scoring Big at the U.S. Olympic Swim Trials

It's a dog's life at the US Olympic swim trials, where therapy animals have invaded to help ease athletes' anxiety. ...

Olympic Swimmer Drops Bomb: Athletes Have Periods Too

Chinese Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui mentions on live television that she's on her period at the 2016 Olympics....

Procedures for Removing Water From the Lungs

Extra water in your lungs complicates breathing and must be removed. Water can be inhaled, as in near drowning, or it can enter by...

Home Exercises for Swimmers

Swimming is both a sport and recreational activity enjoyed by many people. However, not everyone has regular access to a swimming ...

Activities for Infant Swim Lessons

Infant swimming lessons help your child get comfortable in the water. The lessons also provide a sensory activity and help the you...

Swimming and the Butterfly Stroke

Some people prefer to float around a pool on their inner tube; while others love the complex movements associated with some swim s...

Swimming Strength Workouts

Swimming recruits many muscles throughout the body in all the strokes. The legs, hips, core, trunk and arms contribute to the kine...
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