How to Cancel a Curves Contract

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Each Curves location is a franchise that is individually owned and operated by a Curves franchisee. Because of this, each location may have different cancellation policies should you wish to cancel your yearlong membership early. Contacting corporate Curves will only direct you back to the individual location, so speak with the Curves manager face-to-face to ensure that your wishes for cancellation are carried out satisfactorily before you sever all ties with the women's fitness club.


Step 1

Write a letter to the Curves location manager explaining that you'd like to cancel your account. You needn't give a reason as to why unless you feel strongly about an issue. Give at least 30 days notice to give the location time to process the cancellation and stop any bank account drafts. Sign and date the letter.

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Step 2

Visit the Curves location at which you purchased your initial membership and ask to speak specifically to the manager. Making an appointment ahead of time can ensure that the manager is there to speak with you.

Step 3

Indicate to the manager that you'd like to cancel your Curves membership and hand her your letter. It's possible that the manager will attempt to persuade to stay, but if you stand firm, eventually your wishes should be accepted. Most Curves locations will have a cancellation contract for you to sign.

Step 4

Read through the cancellation contract, noting that you may be assessed a $10 cancellation fee for each month that you held a membership with Curves, not exceeding $50. For example, if you were a member for four months, your cancellation fee will be $40. Sign the cancellation form to note that you understand the fees and cancellation times set forth by the Curves contract.


Step 5

Call the location to follow up with your cancellation. Since all cancellations must be done manually with your bank account and in the Curves computer system, it's vital that you ensure your instructions are being followed.

Step 6

Contact your bank and ask for a stop payment on any drafts coming from Curves after the 30-day notice period has lapsed. Supply the bank with a copy of your cancellation letter and the contract you signed when meeting with the Curves manager. This ensures that your account won't be charged after the period of time you agreed upon with the Curves manager. Your bank can place a hold on your account to avoid further charges and to sever your relationship with Curves completely.


When you enroll with another fitness center in the future, speak to a representative about the center's cancellation policies so you're familiar with the process if needed.


Avoid being unprofessional as you attempt to cancel your Curves membership. Even if you're unhappy with your results, holding a grudge doesn't benefit you.

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