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Bodybuilding is normally associated with eating large amounts of food to gain muscle, but not all foods will contribute to proper weight gain. A good bodybuilding diet is about the same as a typical healthy diet, with extra protein and healthy fats to stimulate muscle growth and balance hormones. Highly processed food and foods high in carbs should be avoided in general. Certain foods might seem healthy, but in reality, they can only hurt your prospects for gaining more muscle mass.

Flavored Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great breakfast cereal for bodybuilders. It contains a cleaner source of carbs than junk food and has a healthy amount of fiber, protein and unsaturated fat. However, the flavored varieties have additives that make it a poor choice for breakfast. A typical packet of flavored oatmeal contains maltodextrin, partially hydrogenated soybean oil and sugar. Normally, you would not want to have these as part of your diet, especially the excess sugar.

White Bread

While it might seem like a healthy staple straight from the food pyramid, typical white bread is not good for you in general when it comes to bodybuilding. In addition to the high amount of carbs per serving, white bread typically has high fructose corn syrup added to it as well. This is a sugar additive and a poor one at that. Fructose is metabolized slightly differently than other sugars, such as glucose. This might hinder satiation and cause you to eat more bread, and more carbs, than you intended.

Fruit Juice

While not technically a "food," fruit juice from concentrate should be avoided. Fruit juices are highly concentrated sugar drinks with little of the nutritional value of the fruit from which they came. Most of the healthy portions of the fruit have been stripped out through processing. Fruit juice lacks most of the fiber and nutrients that are a part of the whole fruit. By drinking processed juices, you run the risk of taking in too many calories. Making your own fruit juice or fruit smoothies at home is a much better alternative.

Soy Protein

Most consider protein to be good no matter what the source is, but such a thing as bad protein exists in bodybuilding. While soy protein does contain up to 10 grams of protein per 126-gram serving, it has the adverse effect of suppressing testosterone production. This is a problem for the bodybuilder because testosterone is a necessary hormone to induce muscle growth. By limiting its formation, soy protein can set a bodybuilder back significantly.

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