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If you don't have access to any indoor space for your boxing workout, or if you would just prefer to train outside, there are options for outdoor punching bags. Because of the potential for weather damage from rain and snow, some types of punching bags work better outside than others.


Punching bags can be made of leather, vinyl or canvas. Leather is often a preferred choice for a heavy bag due to its durability and the way it feels when you punch it, but it isn't the best choice for an outdoor bag. Rain and snow will cause leather or vinyl bags to deteriorate and eventually get ruined. Canvas bags are more capable of resisting the elements, but you will probably still have to replace an outdoor bag more often than an indoor one.


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It is possible to use an ordinary hanging bag outdoors if you mount it on a tree branch. The other option is to use a standing bag with its own base. The advantage of using a standing bag is that you can keep it in a storage shed or behind the house, then roll it into position and stand it up when you want to use it. Standing bags contain either sand or water and tend to be much heavier than hanging bags. A hanging bag usually weighs about 70 pounds, but a standing bag filled with water weighs as much as 300 pounds. However, the fact that you can tip it on its side and roll it makes it relatively easy to move despite the weight.

Outdoor Gyms

Some manufacturers, such as Everlast, offer free-standing boxing mini-gyms designed to be used either inside or outside. This product has a water-filled plastic base and two steel arms, with a heavy bag hanging from one and a speed bag from the other. Wheels on the bottom of the base make it semiportable. This product is designed to be set up in any convenient spot such as the driveway or yard, and the bag is made to be weatherproof.


Selecting an Outdoor Bag

Considering the ease with which it is possible to set up a hanging bag on a tree branch or a standing bag in the yard, there is probably little advantage to an outdoor mini-gym unless you either have no tree branches available or want to work with a speed bag as well. It might be possible to use a leather punching bag hanging from a branch if you can cover it with a tarp to protect it from the rain when you're not using it. If you plan to practice kicks, a standing bag is the best choice because it is padded at kicking and punching height.



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