How to Do a Probiotic Enema

A probiotic enema helps repopulate your colon with helpful bacteria.

An enema is not a very pleasant experience, but it certainly gets the job done. Enemas are used to clean out the lower part of the colon from leftover fecal matter that coagulates along the walls of the colon. Supporters of alternative medicine believe that fecal matter contains high levels of toxicity that can be the root cause of serious diseases and physical conditions. Adding a probiotic to your enema helps to flood the intestinal tract with good bacteria. Probiotic enemas have performed well during scientific studies to help reduce the symptoms associated with Colitis and other bowel disorders.


Step 1

Fill a bowl or cup with 12 ounces of filtered water.

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Step 2

Break open three probiotic capsules and pour the probiotics into the water.

Step 3

Let the probiotic water sit for at least eight hours. Since it's recommended to perform an enema in the morning, prepare your probiotic water the night before and let it sit at room temperature overnight.

Step 4

Fill a clean enema bag with the probiotic water and place the enema clamp firmly in place.

Step 5

Lie in the bathtub or on a towel in the bathroom.

Step 6

Insert the lubricated nozzle into your rectum and release the clamp. The water will travel into the colon. If you feel too full or uncomfortable, replace the clamp and remove the enema from your rectum.


Step 7

Hold the enema for 15 minutes, if possible. You may feel an intense need to evacuate your bowels before the 15 minutes is up. Pay attention to your body's signals and evacuate when it feels appropriate.

Things You'll Need

  • Enema bag

  • Lubricant

  • Towel

  • Probiotic capsules

  • Filtered water


Talk to your doctor before performing a probiotic enema, especially if you have a digestive or intestinal condition.

Do not perform an enema if you have a ulcerative colon or gallstones.

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