How to Best Absorb L-lysine

Vitamin C may assist in lysine absorption.

Don't waste your time and money taking supplements or eating nutrients that your body cannot absorb completely. L-lysine is an amino acid, which is one of the molecules that make up protein. Whether you obtain l-lysine naturally in protein-rich foods, such as meat or tofu, or through over-the-counter supplement form, there are ways to help the body absorb this amino acid better, as opposed to excreting some of it unused.


Step 1

Use herbs to flavor l-lysine-rich meats, not sugary sauces or fruit juices. During cooking, the sugars reduce the amount of l-lysine that is available for absorption. Do not grill meats, tofu or other l-lysine-rich foods, because the dry heat decreases the availability of l-lysine for use within the body.

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Step 2

Eliminate gelatin from your diet and supplements. Gelatin contains high levels of arginine, another amino acid that combats the absorption of l-lysine within the body. Look for gelatin in over-the-counter supplements by reading the nutrition facts label.

Step 3

Choose an l-lysine supplement that contains zinc, vitamin C and bioflavonoids. These micronutrients have a synergistic effect with l-lysine and can help absorption and bioavailability. If you are getting l-lysine from natural sources, such as meat, dairy or tofu, pair these foods with oranges for bioflavonoids and vitamin C and a cup of milk for zinc.

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