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Sprinkle these best nutritional yeast products on anything for a cheesy flavor and boost of protein and B vitamins.

When a waiter comes to your table with fresh pepper, you may stop them after a few turns of the shaker. But when it comes to freshly grated parmesan on your pasta, you'll probably pause for several moments before saying that's enough.


But if you're sensitive to dairy or don't eat animal products, you don't have to miss out on this mouthwatering experience. That's where nutritional yeast comes in.

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You can sprinkle this trendy vegan cheese substitute on just about any dish to give your food a cheesy twist. Also known as "nooch," nutritional yeast is brimming with B vitamins, which many vegan and vegetarian diets lack as the nutrient is mostly found in animal proteins. A quick refresher: B vitamins help your body create energy from the food you eat as well as help form red blood cells, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Plus, nooch packs protein and fiber, making it a great way to add more satiating nutrients to your meal. But unlike cheese, these flakes are low in fat, so they won't tack on too many extra calories.

The Best Nutritional Yeast Brands to Buy

Convinced and craving a dose of "cheesy" mac or nooch-dusted popcorn? Stock up without stepping foot inside a health-food store or supermarket by ordering these fan favorites.


1. Revly Vegan Nutritional Yeast

Sprinkle nooch in homemade bread for a cheesy flavor — just know that it won't make your bread rise as the yeast is deactivated.

With about 6 grams of protein per serving, this non-fortified nutritional yeast is excellent to sprinkle on your veggies or popcorn for a protein-packed, cheesy flavor. Revly's nutritional yeast is both vegan and gluten-free.


Plus, it comes in a jar-style container, which means it will feel right at home alongside your whey or collagen powder.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $13.72 per 15.9-ounce container

2. Bob's Red Mill Large-Flake Nutritional Yeast

This pack is about 8 ounces, but if you want more bang for your buck, opt for the bulk 25-pound bag.

Around since 1978, Bob's Red Mill is a popular and trusted brand that produces an array of grains, cereals, baking mixes and, of course, nutritional yeast. Try the nooch on spaghetti and vegan meatballs for a vitamin B boost.



Buy; ‌Price:‌ $11.17 per 8-ounce bag

3. Bragg Premium Nutritional Yeast Seasoning

Nooch makes for a great vegan cheese substitute in sauces, pasta and salads.

If you want to give nutritional yeast a try before you buy a larger quantity, Bragg's yeast seasoning is available in a smaller 4.5-ounce bottle.


Buy;‌ Price:‌ $6.99 per 4.5-ounce bottle

4. NOW Supplements Nutritional Yeast Flakes

NOW's nutritional yeast is also free of artificial colors, pesticides and hydrogenated oils.

NOW supplements' nutritional yeast is fortified with B vitamins, which help your body get the energy they need from the carbohydrates and fat you eat, according to Harvard Health Publishing.


Buy; ‌Price:‌ $8.09 per 10-ounce container

5. Anthony's Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Jazz up your next Taco Tuesday with Anthony's nutritional yeast.

Anthony's Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes are loaded with 8 grams of complete protein and 3 grams of fiber per two-tablespoon serving. Plus, this bag is fortified with B vitamins, which means you'll get plenty of nutrients in every bite.

Buy; ‌Price: ‌$12.99 per 1-pound bag




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