Rebounding Exercise Videos for Beginners

Rebounding provides a low-impact workout on a mini trampoline, with movements like walking, jogging and bouncing. This exercise has been associated with benefits like losing weight, detoxifying the lymphatic system and improving bone strength. In addition, "Fitness Magazine" explains that rebounding can burn 290 calories in an hour. Mainstream rebounding videos are hard to find, but obscure ones are available that will help you get started.

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Learn the Basics

"Urban Rebounding System, Compilation 1," released in 2003, provides a first-timer rebounding workout and a basic rebounding workout within its six-video workout system. The first-timer workout helps you get used to the rebounder, which is another term for the mini trampoline, and provides an intro session; the basic workout instructs you on beginner moves like jogging and straddles. This set also includes a low-intensity senior workout, which a beginner could use. Once you are ready, you can progress to the compilation's higher-intensity workouts and to compilations two through five.

Create Your Own Workout

The "Bounce Before You Jump" video features instructor Linda Brooks. This is truly a beginner's video with instructions on basic moves like standing and having correct posture on the rebounder. It shows you the proper way to bounce and perform other movements, with a focus on safety. And it teaches you how to create a rebounding session at your own level.

Learn the Bounce

Instructor Carol Brophy guides you in "Carol's Health Bounce," released in 2003. This video includes a four-minute beginner's section, which focuses on the "health bounce," a simple bouncing exercise. The video website explains that you can perform this bounce two times as a beginner. Then, you can progress to the 12-minute aerobic session, which is at a higher intensity, that is also included on the DVD.

Enjoy a Longer Workout

"Transform Your Life with Rebounding" was released in 2011 by the company Exercell. This video gives a 27-minute beginner rebounding routine, plus a focus on the abdominal muscles and a cool down period. Exercell also offers the 2008 DVD "Rebound for the Health of It," which includes a 10-minute beginner routine along with intermediate and advanced ones.

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