What Causes Sore Hip Joints After Performing Deadlifts?

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Many fitness professionals praise the deadlift as one of the best all-around strength-training exercises a person can do. It is a multijoint strength exercise that ignites the endocrine system and develops hip drive. Unfortunately, some individuals experience hip pain either during the exercise or shortly afterward. Although you may have to take a break, it doesn't mean you have to abandon deadlifting.


Common Cause

A likely instigator of pain is femoral anterior glide syndrome. Proper deadlift technique requires the activation of the major muscles of the posterior chain, the hamstrings and glutes among them. However, if the glutes aren't used efficiently, the hamstrings will overcompensate. This can lead to the irritation of the femoral head, which attaches at the hip.

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Addressing Pain

Four things can help fix the problem: Warm up with general mobility exercises. Practice glute and hip activation drills such as the squat-to-stand and the glute bridge -- focus on contracting the glutes during these drills. Follow a foam-rolling program for the lower body. Finally, perform static stretches for the hips and glutes -- but fitness expert Eric Cressey recommends taking a few days off before reintegrating them into your exercise program.




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