The Best Running Shoes for Heavy Men

A runner is holding his shoes.
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Running is a high-calorie-burning activity -- a 155-pound person burns 372 calories running for 30 minutes at a speed of 6 mph -- making is an ideal choice to shed some pounds. But before you lose weight running can put extra impact on your legs and knees. This doesn't mean you can't run as a heavier man, it just means you need to choose shoes to fit your needs.

Low Arches

Heavier runners tend to have flatter arches. The arch of your foot eases the pressure of your foot landing and pushing off. Having flat arches means you'll put more pressure on your legs. If you have low arches then a stability or motion control shoe will help you by providing extra support under your arch. These shoes have cushioning to support your arch, known as a post.


Medium and High Arches

Although heavier people tend to have flatter arches, not all do. If you have medium or high arches then you may still experience joint pain from the added stress of your weight. Shoes with neutral cushioning can help ease the impact on your legs. Neutral running shoes have cushioning, but they don't have an unnecessary post.