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Though a woman's mid-foot and heels tend to be narrower than a man's, you may still require a wide toe box, which is the front area of a walking shoe. Serving as the push-off point for propelling you forward, the toes need room to point, flex and move. The best walking shoes fit comfortably and snugly on all parts of your foot while providing plenty of wiggle room in the toe box.


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Shoe Width

Widths for walking and other type of shoes can vary greatly from person to person. The standard width for adult females is B, though women's feet can be as narrow as a 2A or as wide as a 6E. The toes can be wider or narrower than your mid-foot or heel; if your toe area is broad, then a walking shoe with a wide toe box will provide greater comfort and fit.


Overall Fit

For the most efficient and comfortable walking sessions, your shoes should fit well throughout the entirety of your foot, not just one specific part. Along with a spacious toe box, the best walking shoe will securely hold your heel and mid-foot without pinching or squeezing. Proper shock absorption can lend to healthy joints and cushioning and stability helps protect your heel, arch, ball of the foot and ankle.



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