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Having a stationary bike at home is convenient.

One of the most popular pieces of home exercise equipment is the stationary bike. The bikes come in a variety of sizes, styles and price ranges, making them suitable for many different people. People who have a room dedicated to working out may choose a larger model that can't be moved. Apartment dwellers may have limited space, so they can select one that is smaller and can be pushed into a corner when not in use.

Easy and Convenient

Most people learned to ride bicycles when they were very young, so the motion of pedaling is easy and doesn't require instruction. Having a stationary bike in the home is convenient because it can be used regardless of the weather, and you won't have to travel to a gym for a workout.

Cardio for All Fitness Levels

People of all fitness levels can benefit from a strong cardio workout when riding stationary bikes. Beginners often start out using a stationary bike because they can ride it at a comfortable speed without having to worry about straining their muscles. As your skill level increases, you can add tension for the feeling of riding uphill or speed. Someone at an advanced fitness level may ride with both high tension and speed for an optimum workout.

Not Boring

Some people enjoy the feeling of working out and are able to focus on their personal fitness. However, if you're not one of those, you can watch television or listen to music while riding a stationary bike in your home. It's a good way to catch up on your favorite recorded shows and an excellent alternative to sitting in a chair eating cookies.

Low Risk

Riding a stationary bike carries a very low risk of injury if used properly. It doesn't require pounding the joints like some aerobic exercises do, and it's easy on the knees, feet and ankles. This makes it good for older people who may have balance problems, arthritis or other age-related conditions.

Strength Building

Stationary bikes are excellent for building leg strength, since those are the muscles that are worked while riding. All you have to do is increase the tension setting to challenge your muscles.


Another benefit of stationary bike is that many of them come with options. Some have devices that measure blood pressure and heart rate as you pedal. Others have fans, drink holders and monitors that show the calories you've burned.

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