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Zumba workouts are unique in that they're mainly dance-focused with some fitness moves added in to ensure that you get a worthwhile workout. However, it's not the type of workout that you can do by yourself with no instruction. Long bouts of choreography is best learned from an in-person class or DVD.


While the core of Zumba fitness routines feature Latin dance music and moves, there has been incredible growth since its inception in the early 1990s. Now Zumba workouts may include country dance routines, hip hop dance and workouts made for the Baby Boomer generation that are slightly slower. Think about what pace of workout you're looking for when you buy a DVD.

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Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown Cardio Dance System

There are four DVDs in this set, which also includes toning sticks and a nutrition guide. The first DVD teaches you basic Zumba moves and includes a 20-minute workout. The second DVD introduces intensity into the dance routine, where you do 30-second bursts of activity in the middle of a dance routine.

The third DVD is instructed by the co-founder of Zumba, Beto Perez. He leads you through a full dance routine with more high-intensity intervals. For the fourth DVD, you'll dance to upbeat music like salsa, merengue and reggaeton to dance.


15-Day Fit DVD System

Try this system if you're looking for something short to spice up your workouts. With eight different workouts, this system has more than enough variety to keep you entertained for 15 days.

Even though it's designed by Zumba, the series isn't entirely dedicated to dance. There are also muscle toning workouts that use body-weight exercises to hit muscles in your upper and lower body. But, don't worry, the first two DVDs are traditional Zumba workouts.


Also included in this set are portion control food containers to help you measure out your meals and keep your diet in check.

Zumba Blitz

At only $10, this DVD is steal and includes three 20-minute workouts. The name "Blitz" comes from the high-intensity nature of these workouts. They pack in as much activity as they can in the short 20-minute time frame so that by the end you don't feel like you've only done 20 minutes of work.


Beware that two of the three workouts are taken from the Super Cardio Dance Party DVD, so if you buy that DVD set you're going to see some overlap in the Blitz DVD.


Dance through your workout with these Zumba DVDs.
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Zumba Country

Zumba is more well-known for their Latin styles of dance, such as salsa and merengue. However, they dabble in a multitude of music genres, including country. Throw on your cowboy hat and cowboy boots for these workouts.


There are two workouts in this DVD set to popular country music. The moves are country-inspired and a little bit slower than traditional Zumba, making this ideal for a beginner.

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Zumba Gold Live It Up

Designed for Baby Boomers, this two-disc set features three workouts that are safe for an older population. The first DVD is a full introduction of the basic Zumba dance moves that are led by the co-founder of Zumba, Beto Perez.


After you familiarize yourself with the movements, move on to the second workout where you pick up the pace. This is a traditional Zumba workout with fast-paced and fun dance moves and music.

The third workout is designed for toning. You can use the one-pound weights that are sold in the workout package or find your own to up the intensity of the workout.




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