72 Healthy Holiday Gifts You'll Want to Give and Receive

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If you’re anything like us, health and fitness are gifts that you want to share with your family and friends all year round. This year the LIVESTRONG team found products that can help enhance healthy eating and nutrition, sleep, fitness and overall health and wellness. Read on to find out what we're loving this winter and what will make a big hit as gifts with the family, friends and fitness fans in your life.


The Mobot

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

The Mobot combines two essential recovery habits – rehydrating and foam rolling – into one cool unit, making everyone wonder why it hasn’t been thought of before. Standard-sized foam rollers are cumbersome, but the Mobot is just as effective and no bigger than your average water bottle. It’s offered in a variety of fun colors and easily attaches to your backpack. “Now I really have no excuse to foam roll… and be well-hydrated!” says social media intern Jamie Lebowitz. Any gym lover will be happy to receive a gift that makes recovery so convenient. PRICE: $40. WHERE TO FIND: mobotnation.com

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Jawbone UP4

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

The Jawbone UP4 is the coolest-looking, most comfortable and most stylish fitness tracker for your wrist. It not only tracks my steps and sleep, its heart-health monitoring records both my resting heart rate and passive heart rate. The coaching app also gives me encouragement to keep active during the day and helpful tips to enhance and improve my sleep quality. In the morning, it wakes me up silently by vibrating my wrist for the time I’ve set. This means it doesn’t wake my husband when I get up for an early-morning run! You can also connect your American Express card, so that you can tap to pay for things while you're out (literally) running errands. PRICE: $79.99. WHERE TO FIND: amazon.com

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Mega Tiny Corp Anti-Gravity Cellphone Case

credit: John Chapple / LIVESTRONG.COM

If you have someone who loves shooting selfies, videos and group photos on your holiday list (yes, I admit, it's me!), we have found the coolest and most useful gift: the Mega Tiny Anti-Gravity Case. It's a case that doesn't feel sticky to the touch, but that actually enables you to stick your phone to almost any flat, smooth surface – including glass, mirrors and whiteboards – to capture the perfect hands-free selfie, group shot or video. In comparison to selfie sticks, this case is incredibly handy because it's always on your iPhone. The Anti-Gravity Cellphone Case helped me to capture so many great group shots at important events throughout the year without someone's arm needing to be seen in the shot holding the camera. The Anti-Gravity Case is available for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 5s and Galaxy S6 Edge. PRICE: $29.99. WHERE TO FIND: megatinycorp.com

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Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

These headphones are the perfect gift for the music lover who’s always on the move. Their Bluetooth capabilities cut pesky headphone wires out of your exercise routine. By tapping on the right ear bud, you can hear your heart rate at any time. Or, for a more integrated experience, you can use the UA Record App to track your activity and get detailed workout summaries. Worried about fit? UA’s got your back. The headphones come with four different size options so that you won’t have to spoil the surprise by asking your loved one oddly specific questions about their ear size. “The UA headphones are super comfortable and the sound quality is fantastic,” LIVESTRONG.COM editorial intern Hoku Krueger says. “They’re great during workouts or anytime I’m on the go.” PRICE: $199.95. WHERE TO FIND: jbl.com/under-armour.html

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

credit: John Chapple / LIVESTRONG.COM

Himalayan salt lamps are made of natural salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains. Salt crystals are said to emit negative ions that combat air pollution, including smoke, dander, pollen and odors. People with asthma and allergies have experienced benefits with these lamps. These salt crystals are also known to counteract the frequencies emitted from home electronics, such as televisions, microwaves and computers. The Himalayan salt lamp makes a wonderful gift for anyone with pets, and its amber glow adds beauty to functionality. “PRICE: $19.99 to $19.99-39.99. WHERE TO FIND: bedbathandbeyond.com

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LifeProfile Genetic Nutrition Assessment

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Home genetic tests are all the rage, but not all of them are as actionable as the LifeProfile FUEL test. It tests for food sensitivities, metabolic rate, food breakdown and vitamin deficiencies, meaning that you can change the way you eat based on your results for a happier, healthier you. “In a few weeks I found out some really interesting information about myself. For instance, I discovered that I don’t metabolize fats well, and now I take an enzyme after fatty meals,” says editorial team member Valaer Goldsworthy. “What is most helpful, though, is knowing which nutrients I’m genetically inclined to lack. Rather than taking the supplement du jour, I know what I really need to be supplementing — and what I don’t.” PRICE: $149. WHERE TO FIND: orig3n.com

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Gaiam Socks

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Great for the studio fitness goer or avid ClassPasser, these grippy Gaiam socks help you practice everything from yoga to Pilates — whenever, wherever. The socks are comfy yet secure and give you a non-slip surface to increase balance and stability in many different types of workouts. Your toes are exposed to provide even more grip strength. Plus, the shape of the sock keeps your feet from getting too sweaty or stuffy. “I like that it’s a mixture of your own feet with extra grippy material that help support your workout,” says LIVESTRONG.COM senior editor Michelle Vartan. PRICE: $13.98 WHERE TO FIND: Gaiam.com

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Fitbit Surge

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

If you know someone who is looking for a heart rate monitor without a chest strap to track their calories burned during running, cycling and other workouts, the Fitbit Surge could be the right gift. Its GPS records my distance, pace, elevation, routes and splits during my runs. It also records wrist-based heart rate — no need for a chest strap. And it's able to provide a pretty accurate measure of my calories burned. Score! PRICE: $249.95. WHERE TO FIND: fitbit.com

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Outdoor Voices Two-Tone Warmup Leggings & Steeplechase Bra

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Have a friend whose style is understated and chic? Outdoor Voices offers modern and comfortable workout clothing for both men and women. From jackets to tees, and leggings to sports bras, there’s something for everyone. The brand even offers 2-piece kits that take the guesswork out of completing a workout ensemble. “I especially love the Two-Tone Warmup Legging,” says LIVESTRONG.COM food and nutrition editor Tiffany Lin. “Its compression architecture sculpts all the right places, and it even has a hidden waistband pocket — super functional!” PRICE: $60 and up. WHERE TO FIND: outdoorvoices.com

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Spire Stress Tracker

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

We often forget about our breathing because it’s a totally automatic human function. However, irregular breathing can cause anxiety, fatigue and interrupted sleep. The Spire aims to draw awareness to your breathing. It works by tracking your breathing on the aesthetically minimal Spire app, differentiating between calm, focus and tense minutes. It’ll vibrate when you’ve had a few consecutive minutes of tense breathing and remind you to take a deep breath. “My favorite feature is when it tells me to take a deep breath, because it actually does help me to be more conscious of my stress levels and to calm down,” LIVESTRONG.COM editorial intern Hoku Krueger says. The Spire helps with both mindfulness and fitness, tracking your steps and active minutes. PRICE: $99.95. WHERE TO FIND: spire.io

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Funktionals Tatum Activity Tracker Bracelet

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Funktionals makes fitness trackers a little prettier and a little less conspicuous. “As someone that craves variety, I want to be able to change up my tracker and accessorize it with different outfits,” says LIVESTRONG.COM editorial director Valaer Goldsworthy. “Plus the Funktionals jewelry is just really pretty on its own.” In trendy rose gold, the bracelet can be customized to fit 12 different trackers, from the FitBit Charge 2 to Jawbone Move. PRICE: $36. WHERE TO FIND: Funktionalwearables.com

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Bellabeat Leaf Urban Stress & Activity Tracker

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

This is by far the most beautiful fitness tracker. I keep getting compliments on my “cool necklace.” This cool necklace also tracks your activity, sleep and predicts your daily stress levels. You can also wear the Leaf as a double wrap bracelet or as a clip, so it’s versatile depending on your activities. The accompanying mobile app is well designed and encourages you to do short meditations to relieve stress. I’m a huge fan! PRICE: $139. WHERE TO FIND: Bellabeat.com

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Insta360 Nano

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

The Insta360 Nano is an attachment that turns your iPhone into a 360-degree camera. Once the device is plugged you simply download the Nano’s free app, and you’re good to go. Compatible with the iPhone 6 and 7, this is a great gift for both the tech-obsessed friend in search of the latest gadget or your more technologically-challenged pals who’d enjoy a user-friendly device to take cool photos. “It’s so easy to use, which is a big plus in my books,” says LIVESTRONG.COM’s senior social media manager Lia Haberman. “I plugged it in and headed to the beach. There’s also a 360 video option which I think could be great for filming your activities.” PRICE: $197.87 WHERE TO FIND: Amazon.com

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Jade Yoga Mat

credit: John Chapple / LIVESTRONG.COM

Just one Downward Dog on this mat and you’ll be convinced that Jade Yoga mats are the best you’ve ever put your hands (and feet) on. In the photo above, I’m doing a Cobra pose on my Jade Teal mat in the Fusion 5/16" thickness. It’s the mat I practice on every day. These mats have the perfect amount of grip and cushioning, and they don’t slip, even on my shiny, hardwood floors. What’s more, they’re made sustainably in the U.S. from natural rubber as opposed to synthetic rubber (i.e., PVC, PER, TPE, EVA). Plus, Jade Yoga plants a tree for every mat sold. This mat is a great gift for the eco-friendly yogi in your life. If you get the teal color (like the one I have), Jade donates $5.00 from every Teal mat sold to help find an early-detection test for ovarian cancer, which kills thousands of women every year. PRICE: Varies. WHERE TO FIND: JadeYoga.com

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Biohack Box, Quarterly Box

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Staying up on ALL the latest health and fitness trends can be difficult and exhausting. That’s why the gift of the Quarterly’s Biohack box is so great: It does all the work for you. Each month you get a box specially curated by leading health and fitness experts with all of their favorite items sent directly to your door. “I love the Biohack box because I’m into health and fitness but often don’t have time to go shopping and find cool new items I’d like to try,” says contributing editor Hillary Eaton. “This way I can try all the newest stuff without having to take all that time to research.” PRICE: $100 WHERE TO FIND: Quarterly.co

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VPL Activewear X-Curvate Legging W

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

VPL got their start by turning underwear into outerwear. Think soft, comfortable but sporty. “These pieces are so soft, I could sleep in them!” says LIVESTRONG.COM senior editor Michelle Vartan. Their color block activewear blends performance and modernity to bring clean lines and flattering cuts to your workout wardrobe. Through their upcycle program, VPL maximizes excess fabric use to minimize waste. They also provide free fitness classes to young women through their #VPLCAMP program. Best present ever? Quite possibly. PRICE: Starting at $98 WHERE TO FIND: vplstore.com

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Torch T2 Bike Helmet

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

If you have a cyclist on your holiday list who you love, this is a great gift to get them to keep them safe, comfortable and stylish. Torch helmets not only look cool, they have embedded front and back LED lights, which you charge using the provided USB cable. I charged mine on my desk at work, and knew I'd be riding my bike home that evening with bright lights that made sure everyone on the road would see me from all sides. PRICE: $139.99 WHERE TO FIND: torchapparel.com/

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STRONGER Fitness Inspiration Apparel & Gear

credit: Images courtesy of Society6

Motivate someone with “fitspiration” messages on everything from pillows and throw blankets to iPhone cases, yoga pants and cute tanks. From “Run More, Stress Less” and "You've Got Kale" or “Eat, Sleep, Lift, Repeat” these reminders to keep putting in the effort to be fit and healthy will help give support and encouragement to someone you love all year long. Whether they’re a runner, a cyclist, or a weightlifter, these motivations will help push them to get their sweat on and smile too. PRICE: Varies. WHERE TO FIND: society6.com

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Power Vegetables! Cookbook, Lucky Peach

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Veggies have a bad rap for being a bore. To spice them up, food magazine Lucky Peach concocted a cookbook that is 100 percent dedicated to all things vegetable — and the result is pretty awesome. “Sometimes vegetarian recipes focus more on health than taste, but this cookbook strikes an amazing balance between the two,” says Hillary Eaton, contributing editor. From simple to the complex recipes, this veggie-based cookbook is just what the doctor (and the chef) ordered. PRICE: $35 WHERE TO FIND: Amazon.com

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Birksun Backpack

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

If you’re a big adventurer, you know there’s nothing worse than your phone dying before you reach the lookout point and get that perfect snap. But with the Birksun Backpack you can charge your smartphone from the sun. Birksun is a solar-charged backpack with built-in solar panels (discreetly set at the front of the pack) and an outlet for your phone. It’s also waterproof, ideal for waterfall hikes or commuting in the rain. “You can basically just choose your own adventure,” says LIVESTRONG.COM senior editor Michelle Vartan. Not to mention, these smart backpacks look just as good as they are practical. PRICE: $169 WHERE TO FIND: Birksun.com

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Under Armour HealthBox

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Under Armour’s Health Box is the world’s first connected fitness system. It comes with a UA Band sleep and activity tracker, scale (which calculates your body mass index) and a heart rate monitor. “I didn’t realize just how many corners I was cutting in life until I had the HealthBox,” LIVESTRONG.COM designer Eli Sabah says. “Its components really helped me get a handle on how my life looked in quantifiable numbers.” You can see your data in the Under Armour Record app, which also sets fitness goals. Information is displayed in a clear, easy-to-read graph. “I opted to connect Under Armour Record to my phone’s healthkit so I could track my food with LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate and have all my fitness data populate there too,” Sabah says. If you have a friend who’s serious about making a change in their life, the Healthbox would make an excellent gift. PRICE: $350 WHERE TO FIND: underarmour.com

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Poprageous Leggings

credit: John Chapple / LIVESTRONG.COM

If you know someone with a wild style, Poprageous is exactly the site to find leggings with a whimsical and striking design. From awe-inspiring galaxy-print leggings to leggings covered with cats (including a pair featuring Grumpy Cat) or arty leggings in the designs of Picass, anyone who wears Poprageous prints will make a statement! They even have a graffiti series featuring Los Angeles graffiti artists Kim West and David Choe. I really appreciate how the designs are jaw-dropping and fun and that the fabric is good quality. Even more, Poprageous products are made sweatshop-free, in Los Angeles – so you can feel good about supporting American jobs. PRICE: $80. WHERE TO FIND: poprageous.com

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Fabletics Ellie Sports Bra & Salar Leggings

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Give the gift of an athleisure subscription this holiday season. Fabletics by Kate Hudson offers stylish workout gear for men and women. And the best news: The comfortable, high-quality clothing comes at an accessible price point. “I’m really digging the variety of options that Fabletics offers,” says LIVESTRONG.COM food and nutrition editor Tiffany Lin. “And I like having a complete 2- or 3-piece outfit arrive in the mail each month.” PRICE: $49.95 and up. WHERE TO FIND: fabletics.com (Note: The featured pattern will be available in December.)

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TRX Go Suspension Trainer

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

With suspension training, you can optimize your workout and save time virtually anywhere. The TRX Suspension Trainer is the first everyday workout system that uses gravity and your bodyweight to improve balance, flexibility and strength. Plus, it’s lightweight and portable, meaning that you can take it wherever you go. “I like to use these on the pull-up bars at the park near my house,” LIVESTRONG.COM manager of software engineering Joe Ramos says. “After doing a few routine workouts on the TRX suspension straps, I noticed I was sore in the areas of my body responsible for stabilization, which is good because it means I burned more calories and built more muscle.” PRICE: $129.95 WHERE TO FIND: trxtraining.com

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Fitlosophy Food Scale

credit: John Chapple / LIVESTRONG.COM

For anyone trying to stay healthy and fit by tracking their food using apps like LIVESTRONG.COM’s free MyPlate Calorie Tracker, a food scale is the best way to know exactly how much salad, chicken or anything else you’re eating. PRICE: $24.95. WHERE TO FIND: GetFitBook.com

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G-Loves Workout Gloves

credit: John Chapple / LIVESTRONG.COM

Women who weight train are a severely underserved market, albeit a growing one. Here’s where G-Loves comes to the rescue. “I was really excited to find workout gloves made for women,” says LIVESTRONG.COM editorial director Valaer Goldsworthy. "They come in a bunch of cute patterns. I actually feel like they elevate my workout style.” Not to mention the silicone grip is the right amount of stick, and the fabric is sturdy but lightweight enough to allow free range of motion. PRICE: $45. WHERE TO FIND: g-loves.com

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Daily Harvest Smoothie Delivery

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Daily Harvest is a busy smoothie-lover’s nirvana. This subscription-based delivery service makes a great gift, because you know it won’t go to waste. How, you ask? Your friend or family member gets to customize their order based on their tastes. With 14 different smoothies to choose from and all-organic ingredients, this is a real crowd-pleaser. “I enjoyed the variety of the flavors and ingredients, like mixing avocado, cacao and zucchini,” says Valaer. “The flavor combinations are both interesting and delicious. Macadamia nut, papaya, pineapple, acerola cherry and mango?! It’s party in your mouth.” PRICE: From $50 to $200. WHERE TO FIND: Daily-harvest.com

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Sleepace Sleep Dot

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

For people who want to work on better understanding and enhancing their sleep but don’t want to wear a fitness tracker to bed, the Sleepace Sleep Dot may be the solution. By attaching the Sleep Dot to the upper corner of your pillowcase, you can get a report in the morning of your sleep cycles and body movements. The app gives you a sleep score and shows a graph for when you woke up or moved around during the night. PRICE: $49.99. WHERE TO FIND: Sleepace.com

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Fyxation Leather Bicycle Six Pack Caddy

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Who wants to lug around a heavy plastic bag full of beer? Especially when you’re on a bike. For your eco-loving friends that have stuck to their two-wheeled mode of transportation, keep them from dealing with the dreaded beer bag ever again by giving them a Fyxation Leather Bicycle Six Pack Caddy. That’s right, someone has finally manufactured the cradle every cyclist’s beer deserves. The handmade leather caddy attaches to the top tube and seat, keeping the bottles safe and out of the way. PRICE: $64.95. WHERE TO FIND: fyxation.com

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The Happiness Planner

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

What to get for the girl who loves to make lists? Analog in the best of ways, The Happiness Planner combines a daily calendar with a gratitude journal and a bucket list. And it does all that in style. “The planner really appeals to my appreciation for scrapbooking and love of to-do lists while also giving me an easy but fun template to follow,” says Valaer Goldsworthy, director of content. It comes with coordinated accessories as well, like a pen, paper clips and colorful inserts to plan out your next year. PRICE: $59. WHERE TO FIND: TheHappinessPlanner.com

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Lou & Grey Watercolor Anorak

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Lou & Grey are masters of the athleisure game with their ultra-soft collection of chic pieces. Outdoor runners can rejoice in the Watercolor Anorak, a silky, lightweight windbreaker that’s as lovely to look at as it is to wear. “It feels like air but still keeps me warm,” says LIVESTRONG.COM editorial intern Hoku Krueger. “It’s not bulky and is so soft that I could fall asleep in it.” Get this no-noise anorak to wear alone or layer for the jogger who won’t be stopped by brisk winter weather. PRICE: $79.50. WHERE TO FIND: louandgrey.com

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Meddy Teddy

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Meddy Teddy, the bendable yogi teddy bear, is perfect for both the young and young at heart. For parents, it’s all about the positive message of a 100 percent bendable teddy bear who loves yoga and meditation. For kids, it’s the appeal of a stuffed animal that can do more than just sit there. “It took about five minutes for Meddy Teddy’s full potential to be realized at my house. He quickly became a ninja bear because of his amazing flexibility. It’s a little less on the mindful side but still offers a body positive message,” says LIVESTRONG.COM senior social media manager Lia Haberman. The bendy bear would also make an adorable gift for your yogi-loving, grown-up friend who wants to pose Meddy Teddy practicing their favorite moves. PRICE: $29.95 WHERE TO FIND: Meddyteddy.com

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Bolder Band Headband

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

If you want your hair out of your face during your run or yoga class, Bolder Band has the perfect headbands to keep your hair back while still looking stylish. “I really liked that you can pick from different sizes when it comes to your Bolder Band so that they stay perfectly in place without squeezing too much and giving you a headache,” says Gracie, LIVESTRONG.COM content designer. “There’s also a bunch of different styles and options for different weather and activities.” New favorite headband? Check! PRICE: $25 and up WHERE TO FIND: bbolder.com

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Gaiam Yoga Towel

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Let’s be honest, after a while a yoga mat can really start to stink. That’s why a high quality yoga towel that you can actually throw in the washing machine can be a real lifesaver for the yogi in your life. Gaiam’s towel is lightweight but heavy enough that it won’t shift around on your mat. The bottom also has grip material so you can avoid slipping and sliding around. It can even substitute for an actual mat during travel. “I love that for once I didn’t feel like I was on a slip-and-slide the entire yoga practice!” says LIVESTRONG.COM senior editor Michelle Vartan. PRICE: $29.98 WHERE TO FIND: Gaiam.com

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Juicy Kit

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

This do-it-yourself terrarium kit is the best choice for the loved one in your life with a green thumb. These stylish terrarium kits house beautiful succulents and air plants perfect to bring life to any home. The product makes a fun, super easy to assemble gift. Everything is fully loaded and pre-measured, all you need to do is choose your plants and get creative. “It’s such a unique gift for anyone, even if you aren’t the best of gardeners,” says LIVESTRONG.COM senior editor Michelle Vartan. PRICE: $98 WHERE TO FIND: Juicykits.com

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Moon Dust Supplement Powders, Moon Juice

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Moon Juice’s super fun line of “dust” supplements is the perfect way for anyone to get a subtle boost throughout the day. The line of powder supplements, ranging from Power Dust to help give you energy to Brain Dust to help you focus, can be easily added to water, coffee and even your smoothie. “I love how easy it is to just scoop some brain dust into my coffee if I have a busy morning,” Hillary Eaton, contributing editor for LIVESTRONG.COM, explains. “A pinch of Dream Dust into my tea before bed really helped me fall asleep quickly and deeply, too.” So if you’re looking for a gift for the supplement-savvy someone in your life something new, go with Moon Juice’s Moon Dust line. PRICE: $19.95 to $175 WHERE TO FIND: Moonjuice.com

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PRISMSPORT Freedom Tank Top

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

This lightweight tank won’t just make you look good — it’ll also make you feel good about buying it. PRISMSPORT, a small, New York City-based company founded in 2013, manufactures all their clothing in the U.S. They use no toxic chemicals, meaning their “waste” comprises only recyclable paper and water. Contributing fitness editor Amy Rushlow raves about their Freedom Tank’s flattering cut. “It’s semi-fitted but not tight to the skin, so I’m not self-conscious during unflattering exercises like sit-ups,” she says. Bonus: Its long length keeps your assets covered when you bend over, which any of your gym-savvy girlfriends will appreciate. PRICE: $48. WHERE TO FIND: prismsport.com

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ECOlunchbox Three-in-One

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Keeping your lunch side dishes separate from the entrée is now incredibly easy, thanks to ECOlunchbox’s Three-in-One bento lunch box. It features an upper and lower container and — because who likes soggy crackers? — a snack container. The three different sections keep food from mixing together. And an added bonus? It’s great for portion control. “It’s super convenient to be able to enjoy a salad, protein and grains while keeping everything separate,“ says food and nutrition editor Tiffany Lin. “And because it’s made from stainless steel, I don’t have to worry about toxins that are commonly found in plastic.” PRICE: $26. WHERE TO FIND: ecolunchboxes.com

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Essentia Travel Pillow

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

This Canadian company makes the only truly natural memory foam products on the market. And, they also happen to be incredibly comfortable. Though Essentia specializes in mattresses, they also produce one seriously amazing travel pillow. For the health-conscious traveler in your life, the organic cotton-covered neck roll is made from essential oils mixed with the sap of rubber trees, but, don’t worry, there’s no rubbery or chemical stink involved. “I also really liked the well-thought-out details like the snap in front to secure it around your neck and the handy clasp to attach it to your carry-on bag,” says director of content Valaer Goldsworthy. PRICE: $89. WHERE TO FIND: MyEssentia.com

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Mara Hoffman Cropped Legging & Crop Top

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Just because workout junkies sweat hard at the gym doesn’t mean they can’t look good doing so. Mara Hoffman’s line of activewear incorporates bold prints and fun pops of color. From tops and bottoms to jumpsuits and sweats, each eye-catching piece of clothing is anything but basic. “I love Mara Hoffan’s bright and colorful pieces,” says LIVESTRONG.COM food and nutrition editor Tiffany Lin. “They make an especially cheerful gift to give someone during these drab, cold months.” PRICE: $108 and up. WHERE TO FIND: marahoffman.com

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Trigger Point MB5 Massage Ball

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

If you have a friend who goes hard at the gym, the Trigger Point Massage Ball is the perfect gift. This recovery tool pinpoints your muscles to relieve minor aches and pains, and tight muscles. It’s lightweight and super stashable for when you need a quick and easy post- or pre-workout session. “Let’s face it, not many people really enjoy rolling their muscles out after a workout,” says software engineering manager Joe Ramos. “But the non-slip surface takes away much of the headache from this exercise by allowing precise control and pressure over your desired muscles. Highly recommended for your foot, calf, tibilias anterior, glutes, psoas, upper back, chest, neck and arms.” PRICE: $24.99 WHERE TO FIND: tptheraphy.com

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Areaware Balancing Blocks Bundle

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Awaken your friend’s inner child with Areaware’s Balancing Blocks. Assembling and reassembling different sculptures is a fun way to practice mindfulness at your desk or at home. “You’d be surprised at what you can make with them,” says editorial intern Hoku Krueger. “They’re really calming.” Striking the right balance can help to declutter and destress your mind. PRICE: $85.00. WHERE TO FIND: areaware.com

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Manduka Adorn Tank

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Manduka’s comfortable activewear is perfect for the stylish athlete in your life. Great for both yoga class and everyday wear, the adorable abstract pattern makes a statement wherever you are. “The fit is incredibly comfortable and I absolutely love how flowy and flirty it is,” says LIVESTRONG.COM director of product Dena Karsenty. Get ready to win at presents with the ultimate half-comfort, half-style apparel gift. PRICE: $50 WHERE TO FIND: Manduka.com

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Fitlosophy Fitspiration Journal

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

If you’re looking to give someone a little extra motivation to track their fitness without relying on the digital world, Fitlosophy’s fitness-meets-gratitude journal is the perfect gift. “I’m a digital person conditioned to tracking my health and fitness goals via multiple apps so I didn’t expect to enjoy recording my information by hand in a journal,” says senior social media manager Lia Haberman. “But as soon as I opened the book and saw all the health facts and inspirational quotes, I was in love with the Fitlosophy journal.” Fitness: 1. Technology: 0. PRICE: $17 WHERE TO FIND: www.getfitbook.com and Walgreens stores

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SL3S Compression Socks

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Compression socks are surprisingly versatile. According to research done by SL3S, they prevent thrombosis in people who travel on long flights, and help to improve oxygen intake and increase endurance when worn during exercise. They also reduce muscle pain and swelling when worn post-workout. The micro-nylon in SL3S’ compression socks make them the softest around and their cooling channels control moisture, says QA engineer Rick Cosme. What’s more, SL3S uses TekWeb technology to prevent blisters and antimicrobial fibers to target foot funk. PRICE: $59.90. WHERE TO FIND THEM: slstri.com

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Mizuno Wave Rider 20

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

For the runner on your list (and maybe it's YOU), Mizuno's Wave Rider 20s are a great gift! They are good looking and supportive for runners with a neutral gait. The Wave Rider 20s help provide a smooth and supportive run. PRICE: $119.99 WHERE TO FIND THEM: mizunoUSA.com

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Sengled Pulse Dimmable LED Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Have you ever dreamed of jamming out to your favorite tunes the second you walk into your apartment and turn on the light? Sengled lets you do just that with their wireless Bluetooth speakers. But here’s the thing – they’re light bulbs. Pair them to your iOs or Android device via Bluetooth, and choose your favorite song. “Now I can listen to music in my bathroom without adding clutter to the countertop” says social media intern Jamie Lebowitz. The lights come in a stylish red, white or gray. Your friend or family member will thank you for these futuristic light bulbs. PRICE: $150. WHERE TO FIND: sengled.com

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Caeden Sona Connected Bracelet for Mind and Body

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

From scrambling through mall crowds to perfecting dinner before the guests arrive, the holidays can be a stressful time. Take a step back from it all and breathe with the Caeden Sona Connected Bracelet for Mind and Body. It comes with five Resonance breathing meditation sessions to increase focus and reduce stress. It also tracks your heart rate, calories, distance and steps, providing a well-rounded overview of your overall health and stress levels. “Besides being incredibly comfortable to wear, the Sona bracelet is simply stunning,” says LIVESTRONG.COM food and nutrition editor Tiffany Lin. “I also like how it comes in a variety of colors: rose gold, gold and gunmetal.” PRICE: $199.99 WHERE TO FIND: caeden.com

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Original Nuun Active: Hydrating Electrolyte Tablets

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

After working up a sweat, consuming electrolytes can help to hydrate, relieve muscle cramps and replenish your nutrients. Unfortunately, some of the most popular electrolyte supplements come loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. For the health-conscious exerciser, Nuun delivers nutritional (and tasty) tablets to help you recover. “They aren’t overly sweet and they give me more energy to complete my longer workouts,” says social media intern Jamie Lebowitz. Choose from a ton of flavors, including citrus fruit, tri-berry and tropical. Replenish a friend this holiday season with these yummy tablets. PRICE: $7. WHERE TO FIND: nuunlife.com

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Lululemon Savasana Socks

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

If you’re looking for the best gift for your yoga-loving friends this holiday season look no further than Lululemon’s Savasana socks. Perfect for cold commutes or chilly days at the yoga studio, these thigh-high wool socks fit right over your yoga pants. “The minute I put them on, I did not want to take them off — ever,” says director of product Dena Karsenty. “These are perfect for pre- and post-yoga, dance class, or just general lazing about during these colder winter nights.” Cozy socks for lounging and posing? You really can’t go wrong. PRICE: $48 WHERE TO FIND: lululemon.com

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Chikuno Cube House Natural Air Purifier

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

This natural air purifier makes a beautiful addition to any small space. The activated bamboo charcoal absorbs moisture, odors and pollutants, while its honeycomb structure filters air particles. You can use if for up to a year, just be sure to purify it once a month by leaving it in the sun for six hours. It’s eco-friendly, composed of only bamboo charcoal and clay minerals, so after a year you can recycle it as fertilizer by breaking it up and planting it in the soil. “The Chikuno Cube is really cute and minimal,” editorial intern Hoku Krueger says. “It’s perfect for your desk.” PRICE: $68. WHERE TO FIND: rikumo.com

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VYPER by HYPERICE Vibrating Foam Roller

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Nothing feels better after intense exercise than a massage, compliments of your foam roller. But when things get real and the average foam roller isn’t enough to relieve your muscle pain or tightness, the VYPER by HYPERICE vibrating foam roller has got your back. It operates with three vibration speeds, allowing you to increase the intensity and pressure in spots you need it most. “I have many foam rollers with different levels of cushy-ness, but this one is by far my favorite because of the vibrations,” says Social Media Intern, Jamie Lebowitz. Its dense outer-shell is eco-friendly, and its rechargeable lithium ion battery gives it over 2 hours of use per charge. PRICE: $200. WHERE TO FIND: hyperice.com

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Calvin Klein Performance Logo Sports Bra

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Calvin Klein’s athleisure wear took off this year among millennials. Their functional sports bras are fashionable and easy going, making them a great gift for a friend who’d love to relax, work and exercise all in the same clothes. CK’s chic sports bras are built to perform. “The Performance Logo sports bra gives you that security you want in a sports bra,” LIVESTRONG.COM editorial intern Hoku Krueger says. PRICE: $34.00. WHERE TO FIND: calvinklein.us

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ALALA Vest & Bra

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Give a friend’s wardrobe some serious edge with ALALA’s line of fierce performance wear. From mesh cross-back sports bras to slouchy, dance-inspired tees, there’s a gift for any smart dresser. “I love how ALALA’s workout bras aren’t just for looks. Besides beautifully detailed crisscross straps and cutout backs, they also feature contoured bottom bands for the perfect fit,” says food and nutrition editor Tiffany Lin. “ALALA also offers a variety of vests that are chic and comfortable enough to wear all day — whether you’re enjoying a jog outdoors or running errands around town.” PRICE: $45 and up. WHERE TO FIND: alalastyle.com

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credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Getting exercise during a 40-hour workweek can be a challenge, and for the fitness obsessed, that simply will not do. Thankfully, there’s Cubii, a small, portable elliptical machine that lets you workout right at your desk. “The machine fits in right underneath your desk so you can peddle away while your typing away,” says Hillary Eaton, contributing editor. “It’s perfect if you’re trying to stay active but spend a lot of time at an office.” If there’s a fitness fanatic in your life whom you’re shopping for, the Cubii is going to score you some major points. PRICE: $347. WHERE TO FIND: MyCubii.com

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Manduka Hana Print High Line Legging

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Maduka’s versatile High Line Leggings hug your body and fit snuggly just below your navel. You can wear them as they are for a high-rise look, or fold the waistband down for a more relaxed feel. Manduka primarily uses recycled polyester to make these leggings. “They’re super cozy and fit well because they taper at the waist,” LIVESTRONG.COM editorial intern Hoku Krueger says. Get these in the Hana print for a friend whose yoga wardrobe could use a subtle pop of color. PRICE: $98. WHERE TO FIND: manduka.com

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Kusmi Tea Wellness Teas

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

There’s nothing wrong with wanting it all, especially when faced with choosing a tea to drink. The Wellness Teas gift set from Kusmi Tea boasts six delicate tea blends, from Detox (mate, green tea and lemongrass) to Euphoria (mate, chocolate and orange). Forty-two colorful tea packets are housed in a beautiful white box, making it an incredibly elegant gift for any tea aficionado. “I seriously love all six flavors from this tea set,” says food and nutrition editor Tiffany Lin. “It’s such a fun and delicious way to stay hydrated throughout the day – like sipping on happiness in a cup.” PRICE: $61. WHERE TO FIND: kusmitea.com

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Elemental Alchemy, a Sound Therapy CD

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

A big trend in wellness right now, sound baths are like mental massages. But in order to experience one, you typically have to attend an event, like the ones Helane Anderson hosts at GODA Yoga in Los Angeles, where you relax and let the sounds of Tibetan bowls, gongs and bells wash over you. With "Elemental Alchemy," you can get all that without even leaving the house. “Short of a gift certificate for the weekly sound baths, I’d want Anderson’s ‘Elemental Alchemy’ album to play at home,” says Valaer Goldsworthy, content director. “The first CD is like one of her sound baths with her angelic signing and playing, and the second is all Koshi bells which I love to meditate to in the mornings.” PRICE: $20. WHERE TO FIND: Cdbaby.com/cd/helaneanderson

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Priti NYC Nail Polish and Remover

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Toxic-free nail polish is just the gift for the health-conscious beauty-buff in your life. The founder was inspired to create the company when she was pregnant and looking for a safe mani-pedi. “Priti NYC had me at their nail polish remover that smells like lavender instead of chemicals,” says senior editor Michelle Vartan. The polishes are cruelty and gluten free, and also free of dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, camphor, xylene, and parabens — to name a few. The polishes have a smooth application and are fast drying and chip resistant with a luxury glossy finished look. Choose from over 80 different shades including metallics, mattes, bright neons, rich darks and classic nude. Each season features a new set of shades. PRICE: Starting at $15. WHERE TO FIND: pritiNYC.com

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credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

This is world's first FDA-cleared, wireless iTENS therapy device that works with both iPhone and Android. The device can be quickly and easily placed on your body, wherever you are feeling aches or pains that need relief – from your wrists to your lower back. iTENS delivers therapeutic stimuli to provide instant, long-lasting and medical-grade pain relief. PRICE: $99. WHERE TO FIND: itens.com

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Poverty Flats Sport Duffel

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Chic mesh meets vegan leather in this modern sports duffel. “Hitting the gym makes me feel great mentally and physically,” says food and nutrition editor Tiffany Lin. “And walking through the doors with a stylish sports bag puts an even bigger bounce in my step.” The Poverty Flats Sport Duffel includes a removable wet bag — perfect for shoes or damp clothes. PRICE: $80. WHERE TO FIND: Povertyflatsbyrian.com

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Zobha Osbourne High-Waisted Leggings

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Zobha’s black leggings are perfectly simple with a rock ‘n roll edge. The shiny black rubber lines along the knee and shin create contrast and some 3-D texture. “I love that I’d wear these for a workout but also with a leather jacket and boots,” says director of content Valaer Goldsworthy. Their polyester and spandex blend supportively hugs your legs, but is light enough (without being see-through) for a sweaty HIIT workout, effectively wicking moisture from the skin. PRICE: $60. WHERE TO FIND: Zobha.com

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Nemat Fragrances

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Nemat Fragrances prove that perfume can smell delicious without the chemicals. Founded by the Attarwalla family, Nemat Fragrances are exotic fragrance blends of essential oils from flowers, roots, leaves, barks and aromatic compounds. The oils blend and bloom with your body heat creating a natural and subtle smell, just like it’s part of your DNA. Even better? The perfume oils don’t contain alcohol so the scent is in its purest form, helping it magically last all day long. Enjoy earthy scents like musk, to sweeter scents, like rose. “My personal favorite was, sandalwood, but that’s just today,” says senior editor Michelle Vartan. PRICE: $15.70. WHERE TO FIND: NematInternational.com

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Violet Love Headbands

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

I’ve tried all the other so-called non-slip headbands, and you know what? They usually all slip out of my hair during yoga class. The only ones that seem to stay in place in my fine hair all throughout a workout are the Violet Love headbands. And they are so stylish looking and come in so many cool and colorful prints, too. Plus, they’re made in America. PRICE: $17 - $22. WHERE TO FIND: violetloveheadbands.com

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State of Shanti Svarga Yoga Mat

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

“I’ve tried eco-friendly, biodegradable yoga mats in the past, but they’ve always had a strong rubber smell and a sticky feeling,” says editor Valaer Goldsworthy. Not so with this newcomer. Free from silicone, PVC, phthalates and toxic glue and ink, the State of Shanti yoga mat’s smooth microfiber fashions an ultra-soft surface built to perform. Its velvety, suede-like texture is great during a sweaty class. “Because it’s a thinner mat, I like it best for an intense Vinyasa class with a lot of balancing poses or Bhakti yoga where I’m dancing around.” PRICE: $107. WHERE TO FIND: StateofShanti.com

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Gaiam Marrakesh Yoga Tote

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Yoga mats never want to stay rolled when you’re carrying them around, which can be troublesome if you plan to walk or bike to yoga class. To tackle your yoga woes, Gaiam makes a series of beautiful mat-carrying totes. Snap-on attachments seal your mat in the bag, and a chest strap allows you to forget you’re even carrying one. Social media intern Jamie Lebowitz loves “the bright colors you can choose from and how you can throw small belongings into the front zippered pocket.” Unlike a yoga mat sling strap, it covers and protects your mat from getting dirty. PRICE: $25. WHERE TO FIND: Gaiam.com

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Mira Fitness Bracelet

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Who said you needed to sacrifice fashion for fitness? Omron Healthcare created a chic and effortless fitness tracker in the Mira bracelet, an everyday activity monitor for busy people. “Unlike other wearables, the Mira looks and feels like a piece of jewelry,” editorial intern Hoku Krueger says. Mira reifies simplicity by recording only steps, calories, distance and elevation. Users access their information using the My Mira iOS app, which will inspire the recipient of your gift with motivational quotes and suggest exercise-boosting activities. You can choose from different colors and finishes including buffed gold, sleek black and polished rose. PRICE: $99. WHERE TO FIND: omronhealthcare.com/mira

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Scratch Map

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Tell your loved one to dream big for 2017 by giving the gift of an adventure map. Scratch Map from Uncommon Goods is a great way to track globetrotting travels. The handsome scratch-off-where-you've-been map charts globetrotting in a fun, colorful and innovative way. The map itself is made with 100-percent recycled paper stock and uses high quality materials with gold settings and pops of fun colors. It can actually be hung as a proud art piece in your home. “Plus, it’s a great geography lesson,” says senior editor Michelle Vartan. PRICE: $26. WHERE TO FIND: uncommongoods.com

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Lunya Sleepwear Washable Cashmere & Merino Robe

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Lunya’s washable cashmere and merino robe is perfect for lounging around the house and also for staying warm on a long plane flight for women on the go. This robe is modern and luxurious, and if you’re looking for a full outfit the Lunya silk sleepwear set also makes a great addition. PRICE: $398. WHERE TO FIND: Lunya.com

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Nobitech Zika-Repelling Performance Hoodie

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

As we've been watching the CDC reports on the Zika virus spreading throughout the world, we wondered about safe ways to protect yourself without dousing your body in DEET. Enter Nobitech, whose activewear incorporates permethrin, an EPA-approved bug repellant. Originally used in military uniforms, Nobitech's Skintex® MR III technology repels mosquitoes, whether or not they're carrying Zika (or dengue fever or Chikungunya virus). "The microfiber fabric is comfy and I wouldn't have even known it contained bug repellant," says content director Valaer Goldsworthy. "This will be great for hikes in any areas where Zika cases have been confirmed." PRICE: $34.95. WHERE TO FIND: Nobitech.us

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SL3S HiPZiPP Running Belt

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

Finally, a running belt that will stay in place and hold all your handheld items. You can leave the fanny pack at home, because the SLS3 running belt is the new lightweight and stylish way to carry your things. It comes in a variety of colors and can easily fit your phone, keys, credit cards and more. Performance compression fabric keeps these items tight to your body with no bouncing, slipping or chaffing. With a snug, comfortable fit, you may even forget you’re wearing it. “This is the most comfortable and convenient way to pack my things and not worry about losing them on a long run,” says social media intern Jamie Lebowitz. PRICE: $35. WHERE TO FIND: Slstri.com

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Lily Trotters Athletic Compression Socks

credit: Ken Stachnik/LIVESTRONG.COM

With all of their health benefits, from faster muscle recovery to energy conservation, compression socks are all the rage with the fitness obsessed. Lily Trotters offers a great variety of patterns and colors that are more girly than jock. Often, medically issued compression socks are extremely tight and not super attractive, but these are better for everyday use for your average Sporty Spice. "These particular socks are super cute though. Definitely a pleasant departure from my grandpa's boring, hospital-issued compression socks!" says art director Christine Niebuhr. PRICE: $48. WHERE TO FIND: LilyTrotters.com

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What Do YOU Think?

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Do any of these gifts look good to you? Would they make it onto your holiday list? Do you know of any great healthy holiday gifts that we missed? Leave a comment below, and let us know.

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