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10 Easy On-the-Go Breakfasts (And They're Healthy Too!)

author image Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN
Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN, is a chef, nutritionist, recipe developer, media personality and award-winning cookbook author. She’s a cooking instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education and frequent contributor to Rachael Ray Every Day magazine. Her newest book is the second edition of "The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook." Instagram/Twitter: @jackienewgent

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10 Easy On-the-Go Breakfasts (And They're Healthy Too!)
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jackie Newgent

Everyone knows about the importance of breakfast. Enjoying it regularly may help keep your weight in check and make your diet better overall, especially when compared with those who skip breakfast. But not everyone makes it a priority. Let’s face it, it’s challenging to find extra time to plan for and prepare a perfectly balanced breakfast. Here are 10 delicious, nutrient-rich morning meals to the rescue -- all quick to fix! They each provide a good source of protein, and most can be prepped in the p.m. so that they’re ready to enjoy the following a.m. If you prefer, you can prepare each as a DIY takeout dish. Just follow these three keys to eating on the go: Only eat your food (1) from a plate or bowl or other appropriate eating container; (2) using utensils whenever you can; and (3) sitting in a chair at a table that’s designed for eating. Now, go enjoy your breakfast—each and every day!

1. Avocado and Garbanzo Toast
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jackie Newgent


Sorry, butter. Topping toast with avocado is better. Topping it with avocado and beans is better yet! This tartine-style breakfast is a win-win when it comes to taste and nutrition. Both the beans and avocado provide hearth-healthy goodness, including fiber from the beans, healthy fats from the avocado and folate from both. For this recipe, you can use half of a Hass avocado or a full Gator Egg avocado (when they are in season) because it’s just the right size for one serving. Add the ingredients to your shopping list today. You’ll want to take a bite out of this toast tomorrow. CALORIES: 267

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2. Overnight Strawberries and Creme Oatmeal
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jackie Newgent


When is dessert considered breakfast? When it’s served as oatmeal and relies mainly on natural sweetness from fruit, not added sugar. That’s what you’ll find in this delightful no-cook recipe! All you need to do is stir together oats with some milk and vanilla Icelandic- or Greek-style yogurt, and then let the fridge work its magic overnight by marrying the ingredients together. In the morning you’ll simply top with strawberries and a little more yogurt and some almonds and eat. There’s no cooking required! The result is a soluble-fiber-rich breakfast with a punch of calcium and vitamin C, along with healthful balance of protein, carbohydrates and heart-friendly fat. You’ll love this sweet start to the day. CALORIES: 288

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3. Easy Asian-Style Rice With Egg
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jackie Newgent


Takeout for breakfast? Why not? Luckily, you can prepare this entree in minutes right from your very own kitchen. It’s inspired by the Japanese breakfast dish called Tamago kake gohan. Though instead of topping steamed rice with a raw egg (as is done in the traditional version), here you quickly cook the egg just to play it safe. Brown rice is the base to boost fiber and whole-grain goodness. Ground ginger is added to the rice for a little extra flavor and fragrance. And instead of reaching for a saltshaker, drizzle this dish with tamari soy sauce. It’s definitely a taste-bud-intriguing breakfast. CALORIES: 314

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4. Sunrise Chef Salad in a Jar
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jackie Newgent


Toss out the “rule” book. Salads aren’t just for lunch: They can make a delightful and healthful breakfast. When you begin your day with plenty of vegetables, you don’t need to worry quite as much about squeezing them in the rest of the day. Plus, eating a breakfast salad is a great way to kick your digestive system into gear. To make this recipe, you’ll be layering all of the ingredients in a jar -- or a bowl that has a lid -- and then shaking it up before digging in with a fork. That’s fun! You can make it at night so it’ll take you exactly zero minutes in the morning. That’s fast! CALORIES: 449

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5. Dilly Egg Salad Stuffed Bagel
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jackie Newgent


Think beyond traditional scrambled eggs and omelets. Egg salad can be breakfast food too. When you boil eggs in advance, this recipe takes about the same amount of time as hitting the snooze alarm for some extra z’s. But this stuffed bagel gives you more energy than nine minutes of disrupted sleep ever could. The eggs provide the most complete protein food source available. And so that you don’t go into carb overload, you’ll pinch out the doughy portion of the bagel to form “shells” ready for stuffing with a lightened and brightened-up egg salad. It looks luscious and tastes scrumptious. CALORIES: 331

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6. Granola and Red Grapefruit Brulee
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jackie Newgent


When you’re planning to have a rather extravagant lunch or dinner, here’s a perfect light bite for breakfast. The highlight is the grapefruit, especially if using Texas red grapefruit. You might find these labeled as Sweet Scarletts. They’re sweeter than most other grapefruits. As for the color -- well, you can see that here for yourself. Its vibrant reddish color is due to a naturally occurring carotenoid phytonutrient called lycopene, which may play a role in reducing the risk of cancer. To transform the grapefruit into this wow-worthy recipe, lightly sprinkle it with a natural sugar and a pinch of salt, quickly broil for carmelization and complete it with yogurt and granola. CALORIES: 153

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7. Stuffed Turkey Breakfast Skillet Burritos
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jackie Newgent


Burritos break tradition in this recipe by being served for breakfast. The addition of an egg as well as sauteed turkey give these burritos morning appeal while pumping up protein and satisfaction. Perhaps their best nutritional feature is that they’re a terrific vehicle for getting vegetables like bell pepper, scallions and salsa in your diet. Yes, salsa does count as part of your vegetable intake! And the best overall feature of the recipe is that it’s downright delicious. Use a plate, fork and knife to slowly savor every bite of your scrumptious, simple-to-fix burrito. CALORIES: 373

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8. Chicken-and-Waffle Kebabs
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jackie Newgent


One of the trendiest food duos of 2014 was chicken and waffles. To take the trend to the next level, here you’ll find it served in petite form with party appeal -- but it’s still considered breakfast! Prepare it healthfully by first shopping wisely. Pick mini waffles made from whole grains and select certified organic chicken nuggets. If you’re a vegetarian, try it with your favorite meatless chicken. From there, instead of drowning these fun kebabs with breakfast syrup, you’ll drizzle with a just-right amount of coconut nectar or maple syrup. Unlike highly processed pancake syrups, pure coconut nectar has a low glycemic index and won’t cause a spike in blood sugar, and pure maple syrup contains plant-based compounds called polyphenols that work as antioxidants. CALORIES: 296

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9. Caprese-Style Ciabatta
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jackie Newgent


There’s something nearly perfect about the classic simplicity of a Caprese salad. So serving the lovely trio of tomato, mozzarella and basil in other ways is a no-brainer. When served in a whole-grain bun it basically becomes a complete meal. It’s a beautiful showcase of red, white and green -- and of grains, dairy and vegetables. The sandwich is wonderful for breakfast because it’s is a no-cook recipe that’s ready in five minutes flat. It doesn’t get much easier than that! When tomatoes are seasonal, enjoy the sandwich often. Grow your own basil -- even if it’s in your windowsill -- so it’s always available to add freshness to your cuisine. CALORIES: 329

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10. Mediterranean Anytime Parfait
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jackie Newgent


A meal doesn’t require cooking in order for it to be nutritionally balanced, filling and flavorful. This no-cook parfait is an excellent example of that. You’ll be layering grape tomatoes, red onion and cucumber with hummus and Greek yogurt. It makes getting veggies in the morning (or anytime) simple. Its combination of fiber and protein is notably satiating. Though this Mediterranean-style parfait looks like a dessert when served in a sundae glass, it’s totally savory. It’s a bit snack-like when served with whole-grain pita chips too. You’ll definitely want to add this recipe to your regular breakfast repertoire. CALORIES: 201

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What Do YOU Think?
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Do you think breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Why or why not? Do you ever skip breakfast? What’s your favorite quick and healthy morning meal? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

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