9 Things All CrossFitters Know to Be True

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With hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters around the world, it’s obvious that the sport of fitness is here to stay. Whether you’re comparing deadlifts, showing off your calluses or making sweat angels, there are certain things only CrossFitters can understand.

1. Callused Hands Are Badges of Honor

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Some of your non-CrossFit friends may choose to load up on the hand lotion, but you know that callused hands are true badges of honor. You simply can’t complete dozens of pull-ups, toes-to-bar and muscle ups without showing off a few rips and calluses on your hands! If you don’t have those calluses (and the stories to go along with them) it’s as if those pull-ups never happened.

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2. Taking Off Your Shirt Makes You Faster

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It’s just so darn hard to keep your shirt on in a CrossFit class! With all the clean and presses and jerks, it’s easy to get heated. Let’s face it: CrossFit classes are intense and cause athletes to sweat — a lot. And it wouldn’t be a CrossFit class if you didn’t strip off your shirt within the first five minutes. For CrossFitters, the striptease is also a mental trick, it tells you (and your fellow athletes), “It’s time to get real!”

3. The Louder the Music, the Harder You Push

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Have you ever walked into a CrossFit box and been able to hear yourself think? Probably not. CrossFit workouts are hard. Really hard. CrossFitters know that you have to turn up the music to drown out the sounds of our mind screaming, “Stop!” It’s as if the harder the bass hits your chest, the more you’re driven to hit your workouts. Bonus points if the song is by Drake or Diplo.

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4. You Only Need Five Minutes for a Great Workout

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You just don’t understand your friends who say they never have “time” for a workout. Haven’t they ever met the likes of Fran, Annie or Grace? CrossFitters know they only need five minutes, some heavy weights and a positive attitude for a killer workout. CrossFitters have done enough EMOMs and AMRAPs in their fitness lives to understand that five minutes is more than enough time to get in a sick WOD.

5. Denim Is the Devil

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Trying to buy jeans without stretch in them feels like the denim was meant for runway models and normal people — not for the quadzillas that emerge from CrossFit boxes. CrossFitters know that their training makes their legs muscular, their waists smaller and their glutes tight and toned. (But, ladies, you know your booty looks damn fine in your jeans after a CrossFit workout!) Skip the skinny jeans and go for something more forgiving.

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6. Chalk Is King


No, we’re not in grade school anymore. But chalk is still every CrossFitters best friend. We’ll use it for a better grip on exercises like pull-ups, clean and jerks, toes-to-bar and, of course, for epic high fives. A true CrossFitter knows that the sign of any good workout involves a cloud of chalk dust.

7. You Speak Mostly in Abbrevs

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To non-CrossFitters you sound like you’re speaking gibberish. But if AMRAP, EMOM, WOD and Metcon aren’t used in your everyday vocabulary, how can you call yourself a CrossFitter? CrossFitters have their own language, utilizing specific jargon only learned through hours of sweat, blood and tears. These acronyms are short for different movements and workouts and are regularly incorporated into everyday conversations.

8. You’re OK With Your Boyfriend Talking About “The Girls”

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Your boyfriend regularly drops the name Annie, Jackie and Cindy — and you’re not even mad about it. After all, you know he’s referring to three CrossFit workouts known as “The Girls.” These staple workouts are benchmarks for athletes to compare themselves against and build their fitness. By having these chief CrossFit workouts, athletes from around the world are able to measure and compare their levels of fitness.

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9. Sweat Angels Help You Recover

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A CrossFitter knows that if you’re not lying on the ground, covered in sweat and gasping for air after a workout, you didn’t work hard enough. CrossFit workouts are all about intensity and accountability, meaning that athletes can no longer skate through workouts like they can at their local Globo Gym.

What Do YOU Think?

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Are you a CrossFitter or do you know one? Which of these resonated the most with you? Did any make you laugh? What else would you add to the list? Share your suggestions and thoughts in the comments below!

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With hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters around the world, it’s obvious that the sport of fitness is here to stay. Whether you’re comparing deadlifts, showing off your calluses or making sweat angels, there are certain things only CrossFitters can understand.


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