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Children and What to Expect

Gifted Kids & Maturity Problems

Giftedness brings with it some enhanced abilities in one or more areas, so it is difficult to imagine that immaturity could be a p...

Paleontology Camps for Kids

If your child’s face lights up at the mention of fossils or he looks forward to rainy days because he can hang out in the di...

Activities for Children Making Their Own Earth Globe

Whether your child is an Earth education enthusiast or has a school project to make, creating a handmade globe is a creative way t...

Examples of Social Skills Activities for Kids With Autism

Children on the autism spectrum may face a number of challenges, ranging from severe impairment of the skills needed for daily fun...

Examples of Stimming Behaviors in Children With Autism

Autism affects a child's social development and communication. Children with autism often show behaviors that are repetitive, ...

Gross & Fine Motor Development in ADHD Children

Many children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, are constantly in motion. However, many of those children ha...

How to Teach Children to Give Offerings & Tithes at Sunday School

Tithing and giving offerings are important -- and often overlooked -- Christian disciplines to teach your children. Most parents w...

The Best Atlanta Suburbs to Live In and Raise Kids

Atlanta is surrounded by suburbs filled with families raising children. Life outside the city offers a more laid back lifestyle wi...

Exercises for Children With Absent Mindedness

For many parents, absent-mindedness is a struggle that may seem like a lost cause. Young children are notorious for their selectiv...

How to Teach Kids to Respect Other's Personal Space

Respecting personal space and establishing personal boundaries are social skills that need to be learned early on. You can teach y...
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