Woman spotting man lifting barbell
Big jar of protein powder, dumbbell, milk, pills and tablets
Running Man

Eating Pork & Having Gout

Patient with nurse

Magnesium & Gout

Fresh crop of garlic
Fresh cabbage

Cabbage & Gout

Boiled green lentils in a bowl

Gout and Lentils


Peanuts and Gout


Canned Tuna and Gout

Teapot and teacup

Black Tea & Gout

slices of watermelon on wooden table
tofu sweet and sour with bell peppers over spinach bed

Eating Tofu for Gout

Detail of poppy seeds in wood bowl on wood surface.
Closeup of a senior man being given a life saving pill

Pills & Vitamins That Will Cause Gout

Butchers Counter

What Meats Cause Gout?

Two young women and young man holding pints of beer outside pub
Fresh juice made of sweet cherries and ice
Oatmeal with blueberries
tasty well-cooked fry calves liver pieces
Fried mushrooms

List of Foods High in Purine