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Inner Ear Disorders

How to Diagnose Sinus & Inner Ear Problems

Sinus and inner ear problems are some of the most common health conditions in Americans, according to the book "Otolaryngolog...

Exercises for Inner Ear Problems

Inner ear problems can affect many areas of your life, including your vision and balance. You can develop an inner ear disorder af...

Itchy Inner Ears & Food Allergies

Food allergies seem common but only affect around 4 percent of adult Americans, according to the Mayo Clinic. Food allergies are m...

Inner Ear Bumps

Bumps inside the ear seem to appear overnight, causing discomfort and making it difficult to hear in some cases. Although an ear b...

Exercises for Labyrinthitis

Labyrinthitis is an inner-ear condition that can cause balance problems. The inner ear swells, generally after you've had a co...

Vertigo Inner Ear Exercises

Vertigo occurs when otoliths, or mineral crystals normally present in the vestibule of your inner, become displaced and migrate in...

Otolith Repositioning Exercises

Otoliths, also called canaliths, are tiny crystals that sit inside a specific portion of your inner ear and help orient your body ...

Foods That Cause Inner Ear Problems

Your inner ear makes impulses that are sent to your brain where they are recognized as sound. These impulses also control your sen...

Signs & Symptoms of Inner Ear Problems

The inner ear is made up of two distinct, fluid-filled parts: the vestibular labyrinth, which contains a series of loops called th...

How to Improve Inner Ear Circulation

Inner ear circulation refers to the circulation of fluids and blood to the area. A disturbance in the circulation of either can le...
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