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Kids Behavior

Behavioral Problems in Children Born Prematurely

Babies born prematurely, usually before 36 weeks of pregnancy, do not have enough time to fully develop either their bodies or the...

The Advantages of Punishing Children for Bad Behavior

Punishing children who misbehave is not an easy or welcome task for parents. Kids Health encourages parents to maintain a consiste...

What Causes Behavioral Problems in Children?

If your child is frequently out of control or often exhibits aggressive behavior such as biting, kicking or throwing temper tantru...

About Triple X Syndrome

Triple X syndrome is a genetic disorder in which a girl has three X chromosomes instead of two. Triple X occurs once in every 1,00...

Disrespectful Behavior in Children

When your child says or does something that disrespects you, you may feel a combination of pain, shock and embarrassment. You also...

How to Tell If a Child Is Lying

Children may tell lies for any number of reasons, depending on their age. Young children with active imaginations may tell lies be...

How to Make My Child Stop Spitting

A child often spits to illicit a reaction from adults or to show contempt for something when verbal explanation isn't possible. Sp...

Causes of Headaches and Nausea in Children

It’s common to worry if your youngster is feeling down in the dumps because of a headache. But in most cases, a headache on ...

Behavioral Problems in Preschool Children

Some misbehavior is a normal part of childhood development. Often, children test rules and boundaries by misbehaving in order to d...

Scholarships and Grants for Single Fathers

In a one-parent family, it can be difficult to balance work with raising a child. Single parents who dream of pursuing a college d...
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