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Nasal Congestion

Neti Pot Alternatives

With steadily rising levels of environmental pollutants permeating the air, it is no surprise that, according to the Center for Di...

How Often Can I Use the Neti Pot?

How Often Can I Use the Neti Pot?. If you suffer from allergies, sinus infections or even a stuffy nose, your doctor may recommend...

How to Get Rid of Nasal & Throat Congestion

The common cold and sinusitis may cause nasal and throat congestion. You may have trouble breathing through your nose and may find...

Congestion Caused by Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation with saline solution may be used to treat allergies, sinus discomfort, colds or congestion. Typically, nasal irri...

Why Use Non-Iodized Salt in a Neti Pot?

Used for hundreds of years, the teapot-shaped neti pot is a device used to irrigate nasal passages. Neti pots are an inexpensive a...

How to Get Rid of a Stuffy, Runny, Sore Nose

The common cold can be caused by over 200 different viruses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so there...

Foods for Toddlers With Congestion

Whether caused by the common cold, allergies or something more serious, congestion makes it tough for your toddler to breathe. It ...

Side Effects of Using a Neti Pot

Nasal irrigation, also called nasal lavage, involves flushing out the nasal passages with a warm saline solution to remove mucus a...

Peppermint Oil for Nasal Congestion

Peppermint oil, the pure distillate or extract of the peppermint plant, is used to reduce respiratory congestion. Peppermint oil ...

A Runny and Watery Nose

A Runny and Watery Nose. A runny nose, often the result of excess mucus production in the nasal tissues, is a very familiar and of...
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