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Pelvic and Hip Pain

Causes of Hip Pain in a 35 Year Old Female

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, athletes in certain sports are particularly prone to hip injury, especiall...

Causes of Hip and Buttock Pain

Causes of Hip and Buttock Pain. Pain in the hip and buttock region affects many people. Pain experienced in this area may originat...

Walking & Hip Pain

If you have hip pain while walking, it could be due to a number of reasons. Sometimes the pain is felt only at the point of the h...

How to Sleep With Arthritis Pain in the Hip

There are many forms of arthritis, but the most common hip arthritis is ostereoarthritis, according to the University of Washingto...

Hip Pain From Squats

Your hip area contains numerous bones, muscles and nerves – all of which are susceptible to injury during exercise. Pain in ...

What Supplement Is Best for Hip Pain?

Hip pain is a common musculoskeletal health complaint that may affect people of all ages. Hip pain, states, may b...

My Thigh & Hip Pain Is Worse in the Morning

Thigh and hip pain that feels worse in the morning and slowly decreases with activity over the course of the day typically indicat...

How to Swim With Hip Pain

Hip pain from arthritis, bursitis or a strained muscle can slow you down considerably. Your hips are one of the largest joints in ...

Causes of Pain in the Hip and Groin Area

Causes of Pain in the Hip and Groin Area. Hip and groin pain can turn even a highly active person into a couch potato in a hurry. ...

About Pregnancy Hip Pain

Changes in a woman's body during pregnancy can create many aches and pains. Hip pain is a common occurrence, just like lower-back ...
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