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Physical Therapy

Athletic Training Vs. Physical Therapy

While athletic trainers and physical therapists both work with people who have suffered sports injuries, the similarities between ...

Physiotherapeutic Exercises for Cerebellar Ataxia

Cerebellar ataxia affects the nervous system by decreasing balance and coordination most typically in the trunk, arms and legs. T...

Exercises for a Person With Avascular Necrosis

Avascular necrosis, or osteonecrosis, is a condition in which your bone tissue dies due to a lack of sufficient blood supply. This...

Physical Therapy Exercises After Hand Surgery

Strengthening your hand and restoring your range of motion is an important part of rehabilitation after hand surgery. By performin...

Types of Physical Therapy for Morton's Neuroma

Morton's neuroma is a painful condition that affects your feet. It is usually caused by sports activities that involve running...

BIG & LOUD Physical Therapy Programs for Parkinson's

The American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) reports that 89 percent of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease have ...

Physical Therapy Exercises for an Arthritic Kneecap

Patellofemoral arthritis is the term used to describe arthritis that affects your kneecap. The patella is the small bone, also kno...

Chiropractor vs. Physical Therapy: Effective for the Back

Chiropractic sessions and physical therapy are two different ways you can treat back pain, but they essentially have the same end ...

Physical Therapy for a 5th Metacarpal Fracture

A fracture of the 5th metacarpal bone usually occurs from hitting a hard object with a closed fist, according to the 5th Metacarpa...

Elbow Rehab for a Brachioradialis Strain

The brachioradialis, which spans the length of your forearm -- from just above the outside of your elbow to the thumb side of your...
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