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Muscles Engaged While Playing Tennis

Playing tennis involves a series of complex movements that begins with your feet and ends with you hitting a ball with a tennis ra...

The Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners

Novice tennis players should choose a racket that makes learning the game of tennis easier and more enjoyable. Racket manufacturer...

What Is Out of Bounds on a Tennis Court?

In tennis, players lose points when they hit shots out of bounds. Different boundary lines apply to singles and doubles tennis, as...

Rules for Playing 10-Point Match Tiebreaker in Tennis

Also called super tiebreakers, 10-point match tiebreakers are sometimes used in lieu of a final set when a match becomes tied at o...

The Best Tennis Rackets for Kids

Buying a tennis racket for your child can be a little tricky because manufacturers make junior rackets in five different sizes. On...

How to Re-Grip a Squash Racket

The grip covers the handle of your squash racket and allows you to successfully hit touch shots, while wicking away moisture and a...

What to Wear When Playing Tennis

Tennis fashion has changed dramatically since the early 20th century, when trousers, cotton shirts and full-length dresses were th...

Why Tennis Balls Bounce

The design of a tennis ball results in aeronautics and helps you play a better tennis game. The balls often fly through the air an...

General Rules & Regulations for Tennis

Understanding the general rules and regulations of tennis is a first step to enjoying a sport you can play all year-round, with mi...

Types of Tennis Strokes

Tennis comprises three basic strokes with dozens of subtle variations for each. While you can develop your own shot styles and tec...
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