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Model, shown from the waist down, wearing a black Vuori brand tennis skirt and a black top
Model, shown from the waist down, wearing a dark blue and light blue printed Nike brand tennis skirt and a white top, hands at sides
Dark green Girlfriend Collective brand tennis skirt on a white background
Light pink EleVen brand Hummingbird tennis skirt
Model, shown from the waist down, wearing a beige Calia brand pleated tennis skirt and a matching top, hand in pocket of the skirt
Model, shown from the waist down, wearing a white Athleta brand tennis skirt and a grey top
Model wearing a blue Aritzia brand tennis skirt with a matching, fitted tank top
White Alo brand tennis skirt — shown on a model from the waist down, who is also wearing black shoes
Navy blue Vineyard Vines brand scalloped tennis skirt
Model, shown from the waist down, wearing black camo print Lululemon brand tennis skirt with lime green socks and black shoes
Nike, Girlfriend Collective and Athleta tennis skirts on a teal background as examples of best tennis skirts for the court.
Model, shown from the waist down, wearing a white Michi brand tennis skirt with black trim
To play your best game of tennis, you need to find a tennis skirt that fits your needs and style.
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With tennis (and pickleball) soaring in popularity, you're not alone if one of your favorite pastimes includes grabbing your racquet and hitting the court. And if you prefer to sport a skirt both on and off the clay (or grass or hard ground), there are many tennis skirt options to choose from!


However, a crowded marketplace can also make it a bit confusing to know which skirts will perform the best.

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Video of the Day

"When it comes to choosing, I tend to think about comfort and functionality," says Amy Dean, tennis pro at Life Time in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. "Features that add to my comfort on the court include soft, stretchy material that offers breathability and moisture-wicking technology to stay cool and dry."

Other details you may want to look for include an adjustable waistband, a built-in liner and pockets to stash balls, Dean says. "Fun colors and prints are always a plus, too!"

To help you find the best tennis skirt for your match, we spoke with tennis pros and tested out tons of options on the market. Here are our top 10 picks.

The Best Tennis Skirts

How We Chose

We spoke with tennis pros about their favorite tennis skirts and what features to look for in the best tennis skirts when it comes to performance. Using that information, as well as out own expert testing, we made these picks based on criteria including:


  • Quality of fabrics/materials
  • Inclusive size range and fit
  • Comfort, breathability and durability

1. Best Overall: Alo Yoga Match Point Tennis Skirt

  • Sizes:‌ XXS to L
  • Length:‌ 12.75" to 15.25" (depending on size)
  • Built-in shorts/underwear:‌ yes
  • Ball pockets:‌ yes (1)

This is one editor favorite we just can't get enough of! Not only are the woven materials that this skirt is made of comfortable against the skin, but the lightweight jersey built-in shorts will hold up to your sweatiest performance as well.



The waistband doesn't cut into your stomach, but rather, lies comfortably at whatever height you prefer (waist or hips). Plus, the skirt is fashionable enough to don post-match for brunch or coffee.

Buy; ‌Price‌: $68

2. Best for Versatility: Aritzia TnAction TNAMOVE Serve Skirt

  • Sizes:‌ XXS to XXL
  • Length:‌ micro (intended to hit upper thigh)
  • Built-in shorts/underwear:‌ yes
  • Ball pockets:‌ yes (2)

This tennis skirt serves up two looks — a clean, straight design in the front and a pleated one in the back. The built-in stretchy shorts provide support and feel smooth against the body. They also have ball pockets on either side.


Focus on your strokes while the sweat-wicking, recycled fabric goes to work pulling moisture away from your body. Adjust the inner drawstring to give the skirt a personalized fit.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $68

3. Best Short Skirt: lululemon Pace Rival Mid-Rise Skirt

  • Sizes:‌ 0 to 14
  • Length: ‌12", 15", 17"
  • Built-in shorts/underwear:‌ yes
  • Ball pockets: ‌yes (2)

Slip on this skirt and hit the court with performance-ready style! The thick waistband stays put, no matter how fast you're serving up points, and the sweat-wicking, quick-drying company-trademarked Luxtreme fabric can keep you feeling fresh even after the toughest matches.


Not only does the liner of this skirt have a ball pocket on either side, but it also has a small media pocket on the inner waistband and a secure zippered pocket in the back.


Buy; ‌Price:‌ $78

4. Best Pleated Skirt: Calia Women's Golf 15.5" Pleated Skort

  • Sizes:‌ XS to XXL
  • Length:‌ 15.5"
  • Built-in shorts/underwear:‌ yes
  • Ball pockets:‌ yes (4)

If you're looking for ball pockets, look no further. This skirt not only features pockets on either side of the built-in shorts liner, but it has two front pockets on either side of its outside layer as well.


We love the classic, pleated look of this high-rise option, and the four-way stretch fabric allows you to play at your best without any constraints.

"High-waisted skirts paired with loose-fitting crop tops have been popular lately on the courts," says Jennifer Diamond, tennis coordinator at Life Time in San Clemente, California. The material is also breathable, sweat-wicking, wrinkle-resistant (perfect for travel!) and antimicrobial to prevent odors from building up.


Buy; ‌Price:‌ $19.97 to $38.97

5. Best Size-Inclusive: Girlfriend Collective Sport Skort

  • Sizes:‌ XXS to 6XL
  • Length:‌ 15.5"
  • Built-in shorts/underwear:‌ yes
  • Ball pockets:‌ yes (2)

Thanks to the compression shorts that come built into this tennis skirt, you'll feel supported no matter where you are on the court. Yes, it might look like a basic skirt, but simple works when a piece performs like this one does.

The high-rise waistband holds firm, but the sweat-wicking, recycled fabric is also extremely comfortable against your skin. Stash a ball in either mesh side pocket in the under layer. We love the inclusive sizing options, too.


Buy; ‌Price:‌ $62

6. Best for Performance: NikeCourt Dri-FIT Victory Women’s Printed Tennis Skirt

  • Sizes:‌ XS to XL
  • Length:‌ N/A
  • Built-in shorts/underwear:‌ yes
  • Ball pockets:‌ no

You won't find pockets on the liner layer of this Nike tennis skirt, but instead, the built-in shorts are snug enough that you can tuck your spare balls directly under the hem without fearing they'll fall out mid-set.

The company's Dri-FIT fabric technology is unmatched when it comes to moisture movement, so you'll feel light and fresh throughout your entire set.

"Nike is definitely one of the dominant brands for tennis gear because of their performance fabrics, and they change styles each season typically in line with Grand Slam tournaments," Dean says.

And the way the waistband sits comfortably on the waist along with the length make the skirt aesthetically appealing, too.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $55 to $58

7. Best Long Skirt: Vineyard Vines 17” Scallop Skort

  • Sizes:‌ 00 to 16
  • Length:‌ 17"
  • Built-in shorts/underwear:‌ yes
  • Ball pockets:‌ no

If you're looking for slightly more coverage and a more modest look, you'll find this 17-inch length skirt a solid option. The scalloped hem is fashion-forward, while the moisture-wicking, UV-protecting performance fabric allows you to play at your highest level without distraction.


The built-in shorts have silicone grips on the inside hem to keep them from riding up and allow you to stash balls. The skirt has two secure back pockets, too.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $98

8. Best for Length Options: Athleta Ace Tennis Skort

  • Sizes:‌ XXS to 3XL
  • Length:‌ 13.5", 15.5"
  • Built-in shorts/underwear:‌ yes
  • Ball pockets:‌ yes (2)

Like the look of pleats but don't want to overdo it? This tennis skort toes the line perfectly with medium-sized pleats all the way around. The company's lightweight SwiftLite fabric is cool to the touch, which feels great against the skin, especially after hours on the court.

The inner liner has grips on the hem and two pockets on either side to stash your balls. There's an additional zip pocket on the back of the waistband for safekeeping of personals like keys or an ID.

"Having a short and long version is ideal for all ages," Diamond says of the 13.5-inch or 15.5-inch length options.

Buy it: ‌ (13.5-inch; 15.5-inch); ‌Price:‌ $69

9. Best for Pockets: Vuori Halo Performance Skirt

  • Sizes:‌ XXS to XXL
  • Length:‌ 14"
  • Built-in shorts/underwear:‌ yes
  • Ball pockets:‌ yes (4)

Eliminate the need for a ball person when you're in this skirt that not only has two inner ball pockets but also two outer side pockets to stash balls as well. This brand has really taken off in the last year because of its quality products, and this skirt is no different.

The company's trademarked DreamKnit fabric feels soft and sleek against your skin, without feeling heavy, and it pulls moisture off the body as you sweat. Move freely and in all directions thanks to the four-way stretch. Plus, it's made out of recycled materials, too.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $47

10. Best for Style: Michi Rival Tennis Skirt With Shorts

  • Sizes:‌ XS to XL
  • Length:‌ N/A
  • Built-in shorts/underwear:‌ yes
  • Ball pockets:‌ no

This isn't your typical white tennis skirt. While a bit pricier, you'll love the way you look in this two-toned option. The slit up the side isn't just fashionable, but it's functional, too, giving your legs more room to sprint to the net.

The material is sweat-wicking and breathable, so you'll never overheat. And the waist has what the company calls a Shaperband, so you feel hugged in, tight and secure.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $83.99

What to Consider When Buying a Tennis Skirt

1. Fabric/Material

While the tennis skirts has become a fashionable athletic piece people are wearing more casually as of late, it's important to think about the materials the skirt is made out of if you intend to hit the court in it.

"Comfort and functionality are at top of mind when I'm choosing tennis gear," Dean says.

You'll want a comfortable, supportive fit and for the fabric to be both breathable and sweat-wicking, as most matches are played in the blaring heat and can go on for hours. The faster your clothing can dry and have you feeling fresh, the easier you'll be able to focus on your game.

2. Length

When you're playing tennis, you'll be jumping, sprinting, leaping and possibly even sliding around the court. That means you'll want to be sure that your skirt length keeps you covered to whatever degree makes you feel most secure and at ease.

"Having both shorter and longer options is helpful, especially for different aged players and different body types," Diamond says. "Consistency in length and sizing is important, too."

3. Price

There is some variation when it comes to the price of tennis skirts. Yes, you can easily find cheap options, but it's important to make sure that the low price doesn't mean the article is skimping on comfort and performance.

Sometimes you might have to pay a little more to get a higher-quality product that will perform through even the longest and toughest matches.

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