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On Running Cloud Waterproof
Merrell Nova/Antora GORE-TEX Trail-Running Shoes
Asics GT-2000 10 G-TX
Brooks Ghost 14 GTX
Adidas SolarGlide 4 GORE-TEX Shoes
New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v6 GTX
Reebok Floatride Energy 3 Adventure
Saucony Peregrine 12 GTX Trail-Running Shoes
HOKA Challenger ATR 6 GORE-TEX
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Keep your feet dry and warm wit a pair of waterproof running shoes.
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Considering you're reading this page, you probably experienced running with wet shoes at some point or another. Your socks get soaked, your foot gets prune-y and you get that uncomfortable squish-squash feeling every step you take. All in all, a dreadful experience.


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Plus, running on wet roads or paths without the right kind of shoes can pose some extra fall risk. Not to mention, your feet become pretty unstable when they slip and slide around in your damp sneakers.

But with a pair of waterproof running shoes, you can wave these woes goodbye.


Our Picks

  • Best for All Day: ​On Running Cloud Waterproof ($179.99,
  • Best for Stability: ​Merrell Nova/Antora GORE-TEX Trail Running Shoes ($150,
  • Best Lightweight Cushion: ​Asics GT-2000 10 G-TX ($140,
  • Best High Cushion: ​Brooks Ghost 14 GTX ($110,
  • Best Recycled: ​Adidas SolarGlide 4 GORE-TEX ($160,
  • Best Responsive: ​New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v6 GTX ($159.99,
  • Best for Breathability: ​Reebok Floatride Energy 3 Adventure ($120,
  • Best for Trails: ​Saucony Peregrine 12 GTX Trail Running Shoes ($150,
  • Best for Long Distances: ​Asics GEL-CUMULUS 23 G-TX ($109.95,
  • Best Rocker: ​HOKA Challenger ATR 6 GORE-TEX ($150,

How We Chose

We chatted with run coaches, trainers and physical therapists to gather all the best waterproof running shoes guaranteed to keep your feet dry through even the rainiest conditions. They chose based on the following criteria:


  • Price
  • Cushion
  • Terrain
  • Material

A Quick Language Note

We make deliberate choices about the language we use, but most manufacturers typically market shoes according to gender, so we have listed both women's and men's picks below.

However, the main difference between most men's and women's shoes lies in the shoe width and size. In some cases, men's shoes are built to support greater weights. So people with bigger bodies may want to opt for men's versions, whereas people with smaller bodies may prefer women's versions. Choose whichever option feels best for you.

1. Best for All-Day Wear: On Running Cloud Waterproof

  • Upper Fabric: ​waterproof mesh
  • Terrain: ​road or flat path
  • Feature:​ wind-proof

On Running's Cloud sneakers are a great everyday shoe for going for a run or running errands (pun intended), according to Winnie Yu, DPT, CPT, a New York-based physical therapist at Bespoke Treatments, personal trainer and former competitive track athlete. The upper is 100 percent waterproof with easy slip-on laces. And the tongue is cushioned for extra comfort.


On Running recommends going a size up for their waterproof running shoes, so keep this in mind as you order your pair.

Buy (men's); (women's); ​Price:​ $179.99

2. Best for Stability: Merrell Nova/Antora GORE-TEX Trail-Running Shoes

  • Upper Fabric: ​GORE-TEX material
  • Terrain: ​trail
  • Feature:​ cushioned heel for extra stability

For those who want extra safety and stability, Yu recommends Merrell's Nova/Antora GORE-TEX shoes for running shoes for the rain.

Although these are a waterproof trail running shoe, you can use them on rainy road runs, too, to help prevent slips and falls on slippery pavement, she says.

Buy (men's); (women's); ​Price: ​$150

3. Best Lightweight Cushion: Asics GT-2000 10 G-TX

  • Upper Fabric: ​GORE-TEX material
  • Terrain: ​road
  • Feature: ​good for rain and snow

Asics' waterproof running shoes offer support without the bulkiness and weight of a traditional stability shoe, according to Yu.

These have lightweight cushion that gives you a responsive bounce with every step. And the GORE-TEX fabric is not only waterproof, but breathable, too.

Buy (men's); (women's); ​Price:​ $140

4. Best High Cushion: Brooks Ghost 14 GTX

  • Upper Fabric: ​GORE-TEX material
  • Terrain: ​road
  • Feature:​ good for long runs

The Brooks Ghost is a fan favorite and now you can get a waterproof version, too. Best known for its comfortable cushion levels, Yu says, the Ghost is perfect for long road runs, rain or shine.

"These are one of my favorite running shoe styles," she says. " They would also work great as daily trainers!"

Buy (men's); (women's); ​Price:​ $110

5. Best Recycled: Adidas SolarGlide 4 GORE-TEX Shoes

  • Upper Fabric: ​GORE-TEX material
  • Terrain: ​all flat surfaces
  • Feature: ​good in heavy rain

Adidas' waterproof SolarGlide shoes are made completely from recycled materials, which is a great bonus for eco-lovers, Yu says. The soles also feature high-traction rubber that grips even the slipperiest surfaces — ideal for safety on a puddle-filled run.

Yu loves these for road running and daily errands, too, thanks to Adidas' popular Boost cushioning.

Buy; ​Price:​ $160

6. Best Responsive: New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v6 GTX

  • Upper Fabric: ​GORE-TEX material
  • Terrain: ​all flat surfaces
  • Feature:​ good in heavy rain

Those who love to feel the ground beneath their feet are sure to enjoy New Balance's waterproof shoes. These have a flexible fit, giving you a responsive feel every time you push off the ground, according to Yu. And New Balance shoes are best known for their roomy toe area, offering ultimate comfort.

"These are a good choice for daily walks, workouts and shorter runs," she says.

Buy (men's); (women's); ​Price:​ $159.99

7. Best for Breathability: Reebok Floatride Energy 3 Adventure

  • Upper Fabric: ​water- and rip-resistant mesh
  • Terrain: ​road and trail paths
  • Feature: ​made with recycled materials

Reebok's Floatride shoe has a water-resistant upper, so they're ideal for a run post-rain (whereas GORE-TEX is better for a downpour). Plus, they have breathable drain technology that pushes water out before it reaches your sock in case you crash into a puddle.

As much as you want your shoe to keep rain out, you want it to let airflow in, says Melissa Garcia, DPT, CSCS, a Washington-based physical therapist who's no stranger to rainy runs.

Buy (men's); (women's); ​Price: ​$120

8. Best for Trails: Saucony Peregrine 12 GTX Trail-Running Shoes

  • Upper Fabric: ​GORE-TEX material
  • Terrain: ​trails
  • Feature: ​damage-resistant rubber sole

One of the best waterproof trail running shoes of 2022, the Saucony Peregrine can work well in rainy conditions on any terrain, Yu says. The bottom is built with rubber ridges (aka lugs), which provide ample traction when you hit muddy or slippery parts of your run.

Some water-resistant fabrics can feel stiff or plastic-y, but the waterproof upper on this Saucony sneaker is flexible and lightweight.

Buy (men's); (women's); ​Price:​ $150

9. Best for Long Distances: Asics GEL-CUMULUS 23 G-TX

  • Upper Fabric: ​GORE-TEX and mesh combination
  • Terrain: ​road
  • Feature: ​soft cushioning

"I currently train with these," Yu says. She's a huge fan of the Gel-Cumulus' lightweight and supportive design. They're more cushioned than other Asics shoes, so they're the perfect long-distance run buddy (more on that below).

And unlike the standard Gel-Cumulus, this version repels water, guaranteeing dry socks no matter how many puddles you may cross, she says.

Buy (men's); (women's); ​Price: ​$109.95

10. Best Rocker: HOKA Challenger ATR 6 GORE-TEX

  • Upper Fabric: ​GORE-TEX material
  • Terrain: ​all
  • Feature: ​great for uneven surfaces

Hoka shoes are best-known for their ample cushion and rocker design, which helps propel you forward with each step. And the waterproof Challenger is no exception. The lugs on the bottom of the shoe are suitable for all sorts of surfaces, including muddy trails, rocky gravel paths or dirt roads, according to Yu.

The toes are also layered with rubber for long-lasting durability.

Buy (men's); (women's); ​Price:​ $150

2 Factors to Consider When Buying Waterproof Running Shoes

1. The Upper Fabric

Before you buy just any running shoe that's marketed as waterproof, read the product details to make sure it's actually made with a waterproof or water-resistant upper. Both repel water away from your shoe but while waterproof means zero water can get in, running shoes that are water resistant have ventilation that may allow a drop here or there.

One of the best materials you can buy? GORE-TEX. This material repels moisture and lets your foot breathe, too, says Janet Hamilton, CSCS, registered clinical exercise physiologist and owner of Running Strong in Atlanta.

2. Your Running Terrain

Consider the type of surface you run on, according to Yu. All waterproof shoes repel water, keeping your feet dry. But those who tend to run on muddy trails need a very different pair of waterproof sneakers from someone sprinting across concrete city sidewalks.

Road:​ For those who run mainly on paved roads or sidewalks, a standard pair of waterproof or water-resistant running shoes can do the trick. Just make sure they don't have any wide lugs on the sole — these are trail-specific and can feel awkward on flat surfaces.

Trail:​ If most of your runs take place on trails or dirt paths, look for a pair of waterproof trail shoes, she recommends. These shoes have lugs on the bottom, which provide extra traction on slippery surfaces, helping prevent slips and falls.

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