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Mounts for hooking up a double-end bag are avaliable at hardware stores.
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Double-end punching bags are a great training tool for developing rhythm, hand-eye coordination and punching distance. They train both offense and defense maneuvers and promote fast reaction times. Hooking up a double-end bag requires two anchor points for suspending the bag between bungee cords. After hook up, the bag height can be adjusted for different training needs.

Step 1

Find a good space to hook up the double-end punching bag. You will need enough space to work around all sides of the bag.

Step 2

Locate the upper anchor point. Mark the anchor point using a pencil.

Step 3

Use a plumb-bob to locate the lower anchor point. Pencil mark the anchor point.

Step 4

Fasten the surface mount D-rings to the upper and lower anchor points.

Step 5

Hook one end of a bungee cord to the upper anchor point. Hook the other end of the bungee cord to the top of the double-end bag. The bag now hangs freely from the upper anchor point.

Step 6

Secure one end of a second bungee cord to the bottom of the double-end bag and hook the other end to the lower anchor point. The bag is now suspended between the two anchor points.

Step 7

Adjust the height of the double-end bag by changing the length of the bungee cords. Double-end bags are typically used at chin height.

Things You'll Need

  • Double-end bag

  • Pencil

  • Plumb

  • 2 surface mount D-rings

  • 2 bungee cords


A speed bag platform can serve as the upper anchor point.


Find a sturdy anchor point that can accommodate the hardware and handle the weight and motion of double-end punching bag use.

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