4 Ways to Recommit to Your New Year’s Resolution

Yes, you CAN get back on track!
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Have you given up on your New Year's resolution? If so, you're not alone. Here are four tips to get you back on track.

1. Find the Right Tool

If your resolution was to de-stress, be more mindful and/or get more focused, download a meditation app or do a one-minute meditation at your desk RIGHT NOW. Find focus and sleep better with just a few minutes of meditation.


Not sure how to do do it? Download a free mobile app such as Stop, Breathe & Think, which has guided meditations that are three to 15 minutes long and will help you relax and breathe. They even have specific meditations aimed to help you with anxiety or getting to sleep at night.

No time at all? Try Deepak Chopra's one-minute meditation you can do right now at your desk with your eyes open!


If your resolution was to work out more, but you don't have a ton of time, try the STRONGER workouts. You get 10 free workout videos that are each 35 minutes long, and you can do them anywhere without any equipment. Here's the printable workout calendar and everything you need to get started.


3. Track Your Calories

Want to eat healthier or lose weight? Track what you ate today in the free LIVESTRONG.COM MyPlate Calorie Tracker and/or download our free mobile app for iPhone or Android to find out if you're getting enough protein or if you're eating too many calories.

A workout buddy makes an exercise routine easier to stick with.
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4. Find Motivation and Accountability

Need motivation? Join a LIVESTRONG.COM Workout Challenge group on Facebook where the LIVESTRONG.COM team and other members offer daily support and encouragement as well as help with any questions that come up.


The LIVESTRONG.COM team can be found in the STRONGER Challenge Group or the LIVESTRONG.COM Challenge Group.

What Do YOU Think?

Did you make a New Year's resolution? How have you been working toward it? Had you given up on it? Are you ready to recommit to your resolution? Why or why not? Share your stories and suggestions in the comments below!