Shaun T's Secrets to Fitness Success

Shaun T, in Santa Monica in the LIVESTRONG Studio, about to show us some workout moves.
Image Credit: Chloe Millar/LIVESTRONG.COM

Celebrity fitness trainer Shaun T has created some of the most popular and memorable workout programs in recent years including Hip Hop Abs, Insanity and T25.

Shaun recently sat down with LIVESTRONG.COM in our Santa Monica studio to to share his tips on motivation, fitness, eating and intermittent fasting, and to tell us about his new fitness program Shaun Week.



Find out why Shaun says you should only take abs selfies in the morning. Plus, we discover his favorite workout song and which Beachbody trainer Shaun thinks is the best dancer!

Wondering what Shaun really eats? When we asked him what type of diet he follows and what he thinks of intermittent fasting, here's what he told us:

Spoiler alert: he eats rice! He also enjoys, eggs, chicken, sweet potatoes, asparagus and fruit.

Shaun has a "Morning Ab Selfie Challenge" he wants everyone to do, and here's why:

Who does Shaun think is the best dancer of all the Beachbody trainers?

Is it Leandro Carvalho? Tony Horton? Autumn Calabrese? Chalene Johnson?

What is Shaun's all-time favorite workout song?


Is it by Rihanna or perhaps Whitney Houston? He may even sing a little bit for us...

And, yes, Shaun and I literally couch karaoke the song and sort of dance on the couch for that one!

Celebrity fitness trainer Shaun T and LIVESTRONG VP and GM Jess Barron get ready to sing some couch karaoke in the midst of the interview.
Image Credit: Chloe Millar/LIVESTRONG.COM

On those days when Shaun wakes up and he doesn't feel like working out, what does he do? How does he motivate himself? You might be surprised at his answer in the video below:


Press "play" below to watch the full video of our entire interview and to find out what Shaun's favorite cheat snack is and to hear Shaun explain why Shaun Week will get you results:

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