The 5 Best Outdoor Workouts for Every Fitness Style

Outdoor workouts promise all the physical health benefits of exercise you expect, plus the mental perks of spending time in fresh air. may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Learn more about our affiliate and product review process here.

Not to knock indoor gyms, studio classes and at-home workouts, but there's nothing as freeing as the feeling of an outdoor workout. Sunshine, fresh air, varied terrain — you won't find all those perks even in the fanciest of gyms.

Outdoor workouts offer the same physical health benefits as indoor exercise, but research suggests there's a mental edge to taking your fitness outside: We tend to work out harder — without even realizing it — when we break a sweat in Mother Nature. We also have more fun.


Compared to indoor sweat sessions, exercising outside comes with a greater mood boost, according to a March 2016 ​Mental Health and Physical Activity​ study.

"Not only does time seem to go by faster when you train outdoors, it can be more fun and the fresh air boosts energy levels," Ramona Braganza, CPT, tells We couldn't agree more! So break into the sunshine with one (or all) of these best outdoor workouts.


1. Best Outdoor Workout for Class-Lovers: Bootcamps

Bootcamp workouts promise strength gains, improved cardiovascular fitness and the potential to shed a few extra pounds (if that's a goal of yours), but an outdoor bootcamp workout in the fresh air and sunshine may also perk up your state of mind, according to a 2015 study published in the ​Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences​.

You can find outdoor workout bootcamps in local parks and other outdoor spaces, offering socially distanced classes. Or, you can build your own.

"If you're making your own outdoor bootcamp class, include a variety of compound exercises to get a total-body workout," New York-based trainer Carolina Araujo, CPT, says. "With moves like push-ups and squat variations, you'll burn more calories and you don't need a bunch of equipment."

​Here's exactly what to look for in an outdoor bootcamp workout.

2. Best Outdoor Workout for Vacation: Body-Weight Beach Sessions

While some think a perfect day at the beach is spent relaxing with a good book, we think you may enjoy your seaside me-time even more after completing a good sweat session. Sure, you could go for a run on the sand. But a few body-weight exercises will test your strength, balance and stamina.


"Training on the beach is a fun experience, but you'll want to avoid sand and sunburn in unwanted places, especially if you're doing mountain climbers," Araujo says. "Bring a larger towel or beach blanket, don't forget to wear sweat-proof sunscreen and throw on a good workout swimsuit."

Break a sweat on the sand with this full-body beach workout.

3. Best Outdoor Workout for Parents: Playground Workouts

Next time you're at the playground, unleash your inner child. Playground workouts require some creativity, but you'll soon see swing sets as suspension trainers and picnic tables as weight benches with outside workout potential. And don't forget the monkey bars!

With our tips for making the most of all that playground equipment, you'll engage all your muscles and challenge your brain in a whole new way. Just make sure to start with a dynamic warm-up, especially if it's been a while since you last ran from the swings to the slide and back again.


"Just because your workout isn't taking place in the gym, doesn't mean you can skip your warm-up," Araujo says. "Considering playground workouts have you moving in a new way than most gym equipment, [warming up is] especially important."


Make for the monkey bars with this surprisingly fun playground workout.

4. Best Outdoor Workout for a Serious Sweat: HIIT Routines

You can do high-intensity interval training (HIIT) just about anywhere, anytime and without equipment — so why not make it an outside workout? Peloton Tread instructor Selena Samuela loves the creativity that comes with using the landscape around you in an outdoor HIIT session.

"When designing a HIIT workout of your own outside, take into consideration your surroundings," she says. "Body-weight [moves are] definitely the easiest and most user-friendly way to work out outside, but I love using nature as props."

Find out how to use a tree — yes, a tree! — in these four outdoor HIIT workouts.

5. Best Outdoor Workout for Homebodies: Backyard Gym Workouts

Working out at home is convenient, but staring at the same living room walls, basement clutter or garage cobwebs day after day isn't the most inspiring of views. Luckily, any moves you can do in your home make convenient outside exercises, too.

Setting up a backyard gym for your outdoor training could be the solution — and it's easier and more affordable than you might think. You'll want to consider weatherproofing your space, stocking up on versatile gym equipment and giving yourself enough room to really move.

Trainer Massy Arias demos the perfect backyard gym workout.

Check out even more outdoor workouts, equipment recommendations and expert advice.



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