Feeling Burned Out? Try These 4 Throwback Workout Videos for Some Nostalgic Cross-Training

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Take a break from your regular routine with some fun nostalgia from these workout videos.
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After several days of high-intensity cardio training, weight-lifting, running or really any other vigorous activity, it's normal to feel a little burned out, both mentally and physically.


Mix some nostalgia into your cross-training routine and try a few throwback workout videos. (Bonus: you can stream a lot of them for free!) Whether it's dance cardio, kickboxing or low-impact aerobics, the neon lycra spandex alone will be enough to send you back to a different era of fitness.

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Not all of these retro workouts are necessarily easy. If you're taking an active recovery day, modify the harder exercises in these workouts to keep the impact low. Remember, the point is to get moving, add variety to your routine and have some fun.

1. Denise Austin Fat-Burning Funk Dance Workout

Known for her wide variety of workout videos and content, Denise Austin has several dance cardio workouts you can try, from country line dancing to Latin classics. Dance workouts are excellent for a recovery day, giving your whole body some extra energy, Austin says.

"These dance-based exercises are fun and get your metabolism revved in a low-impact way," Austin says. "If at any time it's too much for you, all you have to do is walk in place. Walking is such great exercise, too! The dance exercise movements that I like to do are not too choreographed, so it's easy to follow."

Not a fan of dance workouts? Austin has filmed an array of other cardio workout videos, too. She recommends her Fit & Lite series, which offers cardio, yoga and strength exercises.


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2. Billy Blanks Tae Bo Cardio Workout

If you're looking for a kickboxing-inspired throwback, Tae Bo is the way to go. Led by Billy Blanks, this full 44-minute cardio workout is available to stream for free online. Featuring plenty of jabs, uppercuts and kicks, this sequence will have you sweating in no time.


Plus, if you want to give your core some extra attention, stick around until 19:15 — this move will have your abdominals burning in the best way.

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3. Jane Fonda's Light Aerobics and Stress Reduction Program

As far as retro workouts go, Jane Fonda's aerobics videos are about as nostalgic as it gets. The groovy workout outfits alone are enough to take you back to a different era of fitness.



Aerobic exercise is excellent for your overall heart health and can potentially reduce your risk of heart disease and lower your resting heart rate. Plus, this video is low-impact, which makes the perfect way to get some easy movement during an active recovery day.

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4. Kathy Smith's Body Basics Workout Tape

Kathy Smith's Body Basics workout is about an hour long and will get blood pumping to all the muscles across your body. Starting with a warm-up routine, Smith will lead you through an upper-body session, some low-impact aerobics, a core workout and some leg exercises.


If you want to keep your recovery day on the shorter side, just skip to the part of the video you want to try out.

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