10 Online Workouts You Can Do to Support Black Trainers

You don't need to go to a class IRL to support Black trainers across the country.
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With all the online streaming workout options at your disposal, it's becoming easier and easier to support Black fitness trainers from the comfort of your living room through their YouTube channels, apps and websites.


Although most of these trainers have Instagram accounts (you should give them a follow, too), streaming platforms are an even better way to show your support, as trainers receive either direct payment or revenue from ads on their videos. (Just make sure you have your ad blocker turned off.)


Diversify your regular fitness routine with these 10 trainers and their workouts.

Black Trainers' Workouts to Stream on YouTube

1. Kai Simon's Mobility Routine for Posture

Certified personal trainer Kai Simon offers a diverse range of fitness content on her YouTube channel, including at-home workout videos for building strength, improving mobility (see the video above) and boosting flexibility.

Plus, Simon's content is accessible to all fitness levels, offering a variety of workout lengths and modalities. And you can also find some of her shorter workouts on her Instagram page.


Work out with Simon here.

2. Ulisses Williams' At-Home Shoulder Workout

From hardcore weight-lifting workouts to intense calisthenics sessions, personal trainer and body composition coach Ulisses Williams' YouTube channel is an excellent resource for the more experienced gym-goer who's stuck at home.

Williams' workout videos are strength-based, offering information and exercises that target individual muscle groups — chest, biceps, abs, shoulders (see the workout above) and more. Plus, he offers plenty of equipment-free at-home workout videos, too.


If you want to take your exercise to the next level, consider trying one of Williams' workout programs, which are available for a variety of fitness levels.

Work out with Williams here.

3. Scola Dondo's Afrobeat Dance Workout

Sick of your usual at-home workout routine? Or perhaps you want to try something new to shake up your quarantine routine? Peruse Scola Dondo's YouTube channel for some fresh fitness ideas. Dondo's channel is full of dance workouts you can do in your basement, bedroom or backyard.



Dondo, a certified personal trainer, aims to inspire others with her own fitness journey. At 14 years old, Dondo struggled with obesity but took her health into her own hands, transforming her workout routine and eating habits. Now a trainer, she helps others live their healthiest, happiest lives, too.

Work out with Dondo here.

4. Faith Hunter's Yoga Flow and Meditation

If you want some more mellow, low-impact recovery options, Faith Hunter's YouTube channel contains plenty of relaxing yoga workouts. Hunter, a certified yoga instructor, also offers numerous guided meditation videos, like her Sleep Well session or the Unwind video above.


Hunter also streams yoga on Embrace Om TV and Beachbody on Demand. And you can listen to more of her meditation sessions on her podcast Shades of the Soul.

Work out with Hunter here.

Black Trainers' Workouts to Stream Online

5. KUKUWA Fitness

KUKUWA Fitness offers authentic African Dance workout programs.
Image Credit: LIVESTRONG.com/KUKUWA Fitness

The KUKUWA African Dance Workout is more than just an exercise program. It's an excellent way to experience and learn about African dance from regions all across the continent, according to the KUKUWA website.


For $14.95 a month, you get access to a library of videos, from traditional dance workouts to ab-focused sessions. Plus, this platform offers a number of kid-friendly workouts, too, in their Mama and Baby Series.

Work out with KUKUWA Fitness here.

6. KTX Fitness

Stream KTX Classes right online.
Image Credit: LIVESTRONG.com/KTX Fitness

Founded by Keith Thompson, KTX Fitness streams a variety of classes, including cycling, kickboxing, bootcamp, yoga and resistance bands through Zoom. To sign up for a class, send an e-mail to the studio.



Classes are scheduled Monday through Sunday, so finding a suitable time should be a breeze. Most classes are equipment-free, but you can also purchase a KTX Fitness resistance band via e-mail, too.

Work out with KTX Fitness here.

7. Gloveworx

Box at home with Gloveworx classes.
Image Credit: LIVESTRONG.com/Gloveworx

With studios in New York and California currently closed, Gloveworx now offers virtual boxing HIIT classes, which you can book and stream online. Founded by former US Nationals Heavyweight Competitor Leyon Azubuike, Gloveworx holds classes throughout the day, including kid-friendly sessions.

Work out with Gloveworx here.

Black Trainers' Workouts to Stream on Apps

8. Ridge Davis on Playbook

Try Ridge Davis' workout programs on Playbook.
Image Credit: LIVESTRONG.com/Ridge Davis

Certified personal trainer Ridge Davis offers workouts you can do at the gym or in your living room. His Playbook app includes a variety of programs, like Build, Tone, Abs, Booty and Arms, all of which are a few weeks long and include 27 to 28 workout videos each.

If you don't want to commit to a subscription, you can also support Davis through his online workouts, which he holds on Zoom. To try these out, sign up through his Instagram page.


Work out with Davis here.

9. Joseph David on NEOU Fitness

Give PUSH a go on the NEO App.
Image Credit: LIVESTRONG.com/Joseph David

With a background in dance, personal trainer Joseph David is the founder of PUSH, a class you can stream on the NEOU Fitness app. David's heart-spiking program combines cardio kickboxing, plyometrics and strength training, giving you an excellent total-body workout.

You can either download the NEOU app on your phone or stream David's classes from your computer. PUSH is programmed for athletes of all levels and requires little to no equipment, depending on the workout.

Work out with David here.

10. Nicole Monroe on RAW20

Build strength with Nicole Monroe's workout app.
Image Credit: LIVESTRONG.com/Nicole Monroe

Nicole Monroe's RAW20 app offers easy-to-follow workout videos that are customized for your individual fitness goals. Developed by Monroe, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, this app also lets you download videos for offline use and track your nutrition.

While you can download and use the app on your phone or tablet, you can also stream the workouts on your television, too, making them easier to view and follow along with.

Work out with Monroe here.



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