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Personal trainer Sahara Gentry, founder of Sahara Fitness Gear
Ace Morgan, personal trainer and owner of Ace Morgan Fitness
Ilya Parker, founder of Decolonizing Fitness
Shae Scott, personal trainer and founder of Free the Mind
Many great trainers who are trans offer online fitness classes, programs and e-books.
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Fitness is for everyone. And while the fitness industry has a long way to go before it becomes as diverse or inclusive as it needs to be, online classes are one cool way to connect with and support trainers who are trans.


Here are four that are doing amazing things — creating expert workout programs, empowering others and helping to make the fitness world a better, more inclusive space.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

These trainers have Instagram accounts, and while you should definitely follow them, streaming or purchasing their workouts and ebooks is an even better way to show your support. Trainers receive either direct payment or revenue from ads on their videos. (Just make sure you have your ad blocker turned off.)

Alongside supporting trainers through their programs and social media accounts, it's important that you practice small steps toward making the gym a more welcoming space. For example, getting comfortable asking fellow gym-goers their preferred pronouns can go a long way in helping make the fitness community a more inclusive environment.

1. Sahara Gentry

Gentry offers personalized workout programs tailored to your goals.

Certified personal trainer Sahara Gentry offers a variety of downloadable workout plans at affordable prices, ranging from $10 to $50. His programs are beginner-friendly and include a dumbbell-only workout routine and a 12-week body-building plan.


In sharing his personal fitness journey, Gentry hopes to make the industry a more open place for anyone that doesn't feel confident in the gym, particularly LGBTQ youth with gym anxiety.

"Many LGBTQ youth face identity issues, and working on your physique to match your inner version of yourself is one of the most powerful tools to self acceptance in my opinion," he says. "I love being a part of that for so many in the community."


Gentry also offers personalized workout programs, tailored to your fitness level, goals, the equipment you have available and more.


Work out with Sahara Gentry here.

2. Ilya Parker

Ilya Parker created Decolonizing Fitness for all bodies, gender identities, abilities and ages.

Ilya Parker, physical therapy assistant and ACE-certified medical exercise specialist, is the founder of Decolonizing Fitness, which offers weight-neutral programs that for all gender identities, physical abilities and ages.


Actively seeking out and supporting a variety of fitness platforms is one way Parker encourages others to help transform the fitness industry.

"Mainstream fitness culture as promoted on IG is not diverse or inclusive, and it's reserved solely for conventionally attractive, thin, young, able-bodied, heterosexual people," he says. "It promotes images of white normative beauty and insidiously dismisses anyone who dares to carry an identity beyond this standard and participate in fitness."


Supporting platforms like Decolonizing Fitness (and sharing content with friends) is one way to promote Parker's diversification efforts. All money from shirt and e-book sales supports people who are gender diverse and experiencing houselessness.

The Transmasculine Training Series also includes guide for anyone who identifies with masculine aesthetics. Once you download them, you can customize the workouts to your needs and goals.


Work out with Decolonizing Fitness here.

3. Ace Morgan

Ace Morgan hosts virtual workout classes on Zoom.

Ace Morgan, owner of Ace Morgan Fitness, offers $20 Zoom workout classes for all ages and skill levels. And if you're unable to afford the class fee, Morgan encourages participation on a pay-what-you-can basis.



Morgan also provides personalized fitness plans, based on a "come as you are" philosophy. Plans are tailored to each individual client, whether your goals center around fat loss, muscle gain or maintenance. Morgan specializes in and has a passion for working with non-binary LGBTQ folks.

Work out with Ace Morgan here.

4. Shae Scott

Shae Scott offers fitness and nutrition programs to help you live a healthier life.

Founder of Free the Mind, a training and nutrition company, Shae Scott offers a variety of personal training plans, including 4-, 8- and 12-week-long weight-loss and strength-building programs.

These sessions are personalized to your goals, fitness level, available fitness equipment and schedule. Scott's services include weekly check-ins and progress updates to keep you moving toward your fitness goals.

He encourages other gym-goers and trainers to take small steps to make LGBTQ clients feel seen and included — in and out of the gym.

"To be more inclusive in the fitness industry, others can practice simple things like asking their client or prospective client what their preferred pronouns are," he says. "Another thing would be to help the client achieve the body they want and identify with, not the one the trainers might see them in or as."

Work out with Shae Scott here.

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